Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 was the year I…..

…. made a few cushion

a couple of quilts! 

that I dipping my toe into dressmaking (I say that very loosely, more dress-bluffing!!!) 

And that I made a various collection of pouches, table runners, bags and other madly stitched things! 

I truly can not believe what I have produced! I actually love looking around my house and seeing so much fabric goodness. And I am amazed and grateful at the online friends I have made and kept this year, some that I've never met and from the opposite corners of the world and others that I had the pleased of meeting at Fat Quarterly Retreat! Are you going this year???? That is definitely an aim for me, and I got some Christmas money to put to it!  Have you seen who's teaching?
I have really ignored knitting and cross stitch this year and I plan on some time for that next year. 

Heres to a crafty 2014 in which I
make some of the things that are bouncing around my mind,
that I use my fq bundle of Chicopee (If you have any pattern suggestions, I'd be really grateful!)
that I be a bit braver with mixing colours, I always tend to play safe and stick to fabric ranges,
that I use some of those fq's that I am just hoarding for NO reason!
and dare I say it…. make more cushions!!! Surely no house can ever have too many? Can they?

What are your craft-olutions or sewing aims? Or do you have a word for your 2014?


  1. Great set of makes, and no you can't have too many cushions

  2. Lovely set of makes for 2013!! Happy New Year!!

  3. See you are still taunting me with that telephone tote! Beautiful, productive year...well done. Have a top 2014 x

  4. Lovely colorful projects. I was busy figuring out what I'll do but I ended up with keep on doing what I'm doing, lol.

  5. A fab year all round for you, I wish I had been half so productive, but life really has thrown me a massive curve ball! Happy New Year :o)

  6. What a beautiful year! All the best for the year to come and yes, I have my ticket to the FQR.

  7. Lovely collection for the year :o) I won't be at FQR, as I'll (hopefully) be working at the Commonwealths, which starts that week

  8. Lots of beautiful makes there! I can't choose a favorite! I hope to get some dressmaking under my belt this year and I'm working on FQR (it's the cost of accommodation and travel that's the killer)

  9. What a great year! Yeah to more cushions! Happy new year Jo!

  10. Hey Jo, happy new year to you and yours! I am thinking about the FQR and if I get to go, then I will look you up! Lovely, lovely makes all round :)

  11. you certainly have had a busy year! And welll worth it. Here's to a 2014 full of more sewing!

  12. What a fabulous year of making you've had - I'm determined to make some penguin and polar bear cushions for next Christmas...

  13. So many pretty things to look at!

  14. WOW! That is such a lot of lovely makes, I look forward to seeing more of them this year.
    Happy New Year.


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