Friday, 17 January 2014

Fabric heroes

I have been paper piecing over the last few evenings, thanks to the football being on tv and have finished this

I found this brilliant pattern by Clare of BeeKnee Hoonies on Fandom in Stitches, it is a fantastic website for paper pieced character patterns. (I'm already thinking of muppet pillows for a kermit mad friend!)
I just need to add another border in white, give Finn a mouth and then turn them into cushions. I've bought this brilliant Super Hero Words fabric by Minds Eye for Riley Blake to back them in.
 I just need to decide if I should bind the cushions or not?!?
bound                     unbound

I was thinking a solid blue or red to pull it together?

And my final 3 economy blocks are done! WooHoo!
I've not laid them all out again, the next time I lay all 144 blocks out it's to get a final placement and get them together! And that won't be till next week now! 
I'm linking up with the lovely Kristy's 
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  1. Sqeeeeee thanks for sharing :) glad you liked the pattern!

  2. Wow, your Adventure Time blocks are amazing! I vote for binding - one in red and one in blue!

  3. Another fab block, and I love the backing fabric *want* :o)

  4. Great blocks - they will make fabulous cushions! Not sure on the binding - I guess it depends on how quickly you want to get them finished! hehe! I reckon they'd look good either way!

  5. Love this! You may have set the bar rather high for kids' pressies now though lol

  6. such fun cushions :-) I have been trying cushions with and without binding recently - and I don't really like one better than the other! So I would be inclined to go without it as it is less work!

  7. Brilliant blocks, I love the backing fabric too. I vote for binding too.

  8. Wonderful blocks! It only matters how you put them together except when it comes to washing.

  9. Wonderful blocks! I love the ice king :)


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