Saturday, 4 January 2014


I have been bitten by a bug!
The big pretty bug called the Economy Block!!!
I resisted all of the impromptu sew alongs from IG last year. (Even though I still really really really want to make a scrappy trip quilt.) But I was weak willed when I saw the pretty blocks popping up in my feed, of stash busting 5½" small blocks, just look at these lovelies on the hashtag #economyblockalong from IG and tell me you wouldn't have given in!?!
I just thought I give one a go…..
And then a few more just to see how they look together.
and now, I'm hooked!
With the next batch already cut! 
The question is, how many do I make? Originally I was thinking a large cushion, but I'm now at 35 blocks made and my scraps are barely touched.
The quilt size is 140 blocks??
What do you think? 
At least it ticks one of my New Year resolutions, to use colour and mix and match fabric out of my comfort zone! I'm not completely in love with every block combination, but I'm learning to ignore that, in the hope it will look great altogether! 
Fingers crossed! 


  1. Go for the quilt!! Think how pleased you will be with yourself when it is finished, not to mention that your stash will be so deleted you will need to indulge in some retail therapy to top it up :)

  2. What Fiona said :oD I'm holding off, too much other stuff to work on o.O

  3. I Agree, go for a quilt, especially as you say you've hardly broken into your stash. You gave some great fabrics for fussy cutting in those blocks.
    I resisted joining the quilt along although I was tempted.

  4. These look fab, may as well keep going now for the full quilt! I so want to make them, but I have absolutely no time right now to sew, and a few things that need finishing, maybe in a few weeks when i've cleared some space in the calendar...maybe....

  5. definitely - go for the quilt!!

  6. A quilt definitely - looks amazing

  7. These are going to look grea together!

  8. Go big! You know you want to! I'm starting to get really drawn in to economy block along. I'm thinking of maybe just doing a few......


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