Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Makes!

They were all about Christmas things.

And I still have a few things on my 2013 FAL that are really NOT finished! But I'll see how I go over the next few days.  But can I just say, that thermal lining on the curtain is really keeping out the draft, so it is worth not finishing some things on my list for! 

I may have mentioned in my last post, but the Christmas holidays have been exhausting, with a wedding, a birthday and my poor dads knee has completely given up! (I fear my mum might finish him off with his crutches, as he is such a bad patient!!) So I'm really sorry if I haven't replied to your comment. I will get there tomorrow, when we don't have another house full. 
My New Years Eve is clearing up birthday cake and wrapping paper and then this evening trying to get some of my December Frosted Pumpkin Woodland Sampler finished, I won't let myself buy this amazing Once Upon a Time for next year, until I finish!!! 

What are your New Years Eve plans? Crafting or partying? Or both, which really could be dangerous!!!!
Whatever you do, have a wonderful night!

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  1. I still need to work out my plan :-) Have a great year!

  2. Oh crap - I went and looked at the Frosted Pumpkin patterns. I want the new one SO badly!!! I love your playmat/house, the critters to go with it are perfect!

  3. December makes full of Christmas stuff? Shocker ;o) Lovely makes anyway, and happy new year!

  4. Love the apron!

  5. Great work! Especially love your Swoon ish quilt. I bought the pattern to make a mini version but even that one looks daunting. Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day.

  6. What a great mosaic of makes! No crafting for me until I get my sewing room back, but I am not complaining as that means I have the pleasure of my son and his fiancee's company still :)

  7. I'm still working on my FAL projects - there is still time! Love the Doll's House Mat. Happy New Year!

  8. I've pinned numerous makes of yours to Pinterest, LOVE your work. So glad I found you again via Lily's Fresh Sewing Day. :) Happy New Year!

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