Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pink Wonky Star Quilt ✓

Sometimes, when things are not going as easy as I like with sewing or knitting, I ignore them. I pop them in the wip pile, bury it under something and carry on with the next pretty sparkly thing.
That is what happen with this Pink Wonky Star Quilt. two blocks made their first appearance in April on my Q2 list, after having an idea of an improv fussy cut wonky stars quilt, for my daughter Rose. I though it would all piece together nice and easy like a jigsaw once the blocks were made.
How wrong was I?
It turns out making thing in an improvised way is really tricky for me, it makes me twitch and worry …… but after being put on the FAL list 4 times, it is finally DONE!!!!
And oh how I love it!
I quilted it in a spiral and used this tutorial to get me going and make sure that I was sewing the right/easy way around (clockwise….I think!!). I agreed with the majority and bound it in grey sketch, (the remix lives to see another day!)
The back was pieced with lots of leftovers.
And I made a quilt label, just so she knows it's all hers and added a scooting girl form Sherbet Pips (thanks Mary!), as she is a scooting demon!!

The details 
Pattern - Wonky Pink Star improvised randomly from my crazy head
Size - 42"x50"
Fabric Quilt Top - Out to Sea, Sherbet Pips, Pam Kitty Love, Posy, Heather Ross scraps and Kona White
Quilt Back - Out to Sea map panel, Sherbet Pips, Sketch Flannel and Chevron
Quilted - By me in a spiral
Binding - Sketch in Grey
I'm so so pleased I persevered with this quilt and I love how it's looking in Rose's room, 
Especially with the pink porthole cushion,  did I mention I don't like pink……
So that one finish of a possible six, moving on to the next one on the list!


  1. This is so cute! I love wonky stars and the spiral quilting is perfect for it!! Well done!

  2. It's lovely and the binding looks great, even if you were too chicken to cut into the remix! Well Done on the finish :0)

  3. Congrats on your finish! It is beautiful. Love it!

  4. Well done it's fabulous! What took you so long?! ;)

  5. This is just adorable! Lucky girl, hope she loves it.

  6. Way to persevere. It turned out so well and such fun quilting.

  7. It's completely gorgeous, well done on finishing it! I particularly like the map on the back.

  8. Yay for done, hope you've stopped twitching now!

  9. This is just adorable! I love it!

  10. Oh it's sooo pretty and pink!

  11. Lovely quilt Joanne, the spiral quilting is just perfect for it. Great label too!

  12. Such a cute blanket for Rose. Lovely sprial quilting and that map panel is just fabulous! I find improv really hard too :/ x

  13. it is stunning :-) I just love it and the label is gorgeous too.

  14. This is just amazingly lovely!

  15. Fab! I love the colours and the quilting

  16. I love this quilt and think you made a very good choice with the binding!

    P.S. Love the label!

  17. This is fantastic and looks soooooo cute/beautiful in her room! For a very special girl! XXOO CAT


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