Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Economy Update!

I've made 141 economy blocks and I am a little sick of trimming them!
I don't know how I ended up with 1 extra, but that is definitely my favourite one…
But, now that I've laid them out, I need to make another 3!
As I like the 12x12 block layout, why can I not like the 10x14!!!
That will give me a 60"x60" quilt, which I think would be quite a good size for me to use on the sofa.
I have to show you my other 3 favourite blocks for today,
tomorrow it might be a different 3, but I am definitely in love with Catnap!
I think you can tell, I got fed up of just scraps and might have cut into some precious fq's.
But to get scraps you need to use the fq's right?
This has helped me realise I really need to concentrate on buying greens, I have so little green and I really didn't know I had hoarded such cute fussy cutting fabric. Although I did get some great scraps from the I'm a Ginger Monkey scrap bundle I bought before Fat Quarterly Retreat! So thanks Katy for using great fabrics…...


  1. Stunning! I've made three so far...although they are bigger so I won't need quite as many as your masterpiece ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness! You have been busy - this quilt is going to be fantastic! I have the opposite problem from yours - I am always buying green (and purple, for some reason) and find I have run out of other colours. I keep looking at fabric on the internet even though I am on a self-imposed fabric diet...

  3. Looking amazing! LOVE those mice in the last block - any idea of the fabric name??

  4. I don't think you will ever finish making these blocks Joanne, they are destined to take over your house soon :)

  5. gorgeous - and only 3 to go :-)

  6. I would totally want to cut into the good stuff, but I don't have much good stuff that could be fussy cut lol

  7. Beautiful! I hear what you say about getting bored of trimming, I got bored at 56, so I've sewn them all together in a 7 x 8 layout, it's now basted and ready to quilt.


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