Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 FAL - How did I do?

It's the time to see if my  Q4 list was a hit, a miss or a maybe.

she can quilt

Back in October I set myself a task of six finishes, four of them being quilts.

Spinning Stars - DONE!
So pleased to have gotten his done!

Wonky Pink Stars - Not finished!
Not that is counts, but it has gone from a few blocks into a rather random quilt top.

Happy GO Lucky Swoon - DONE!

This is the best photo I have of it at the moment and it's already living on my parents bed. Proper photos to come of Trudi's amazing quilting. 

Hootenanny Quilt - Done! 
One of my favourite makes of the year. 

Frosted Pumpkin Sampler - Not finished! 
Definitely still a wip! 

And lastly

And Sew on BoM - DONE! 
I'm still amazed at the last two blocks and I completely LOVE this mini! It really shows how easy complex blocks can be when they are paper pieced.

So, I'm calling four finishes out of six a success, the other two have at least has some progress on them and that means I've got at least two for this years list…... 

Thank you to the amazing Leanne for hosting this year and for encouraging us all to get things of the wip list and in use! She is handing the baton over to Katy for 2014, who is going to be brilliant at moving us along. 
Finish Along 2014


  1. All fantastic! I love how colourful they are. Looking forward to lots more in 2014.

  2. I like that wonky stars and looking forward to see it finished. You done well!

  3. Great finishes Joanne, I love the Hootenany quilt too!

  4. Ya know, 3 giant quilts and a mini is amazing!

  5. That is some pretty amazing progress, well done!

  6. Great finishes. I love the spinning stars especially. And the swoon - what a finish :-)

  7. Well now, you could have tried a little harder. Only four finishes? And you didn't even quilt one of them.

    Sorry, couldn't resist, you got an amazing amount finished - and all beautiful x

  8. Such a lot of fabulous work! Love that you've quilted in a rotary cutter! :-)

  9. You did so well, and such beautiful quilts. I love the owl. I have that book, I need to put it on a list to make.


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