Monday, 23 December 2013

My Making Christmas!

For the last 11 weeks Janine and Rebecca have cheered us on form the sidelines to get our homemade Christmas, halloween or Festive makes, made. Without the linkups and all the brilliant people who have hosted and joined along, I don't think I would have gotten half of the stuff on my list completed!

So this week I have managed to get the last two things off the list, with one still having hand binding attached to it as you read probably, or spinning around the washing machine!

Christmas Book Report Dress
All blogged about here

The full reveal of the Dolls House Mat, with the drawstring bag for the critters.
Blogged here

And lastly my Swoon Quilt arrived back from Trudi and I actually felt a tearful when I opened it, as the quilting is simply stunning! 
The binding is on the front and I'm slowly hand stitching it to the back! I should finish tonight and then it can be washed and dried tomorrow! 
So, that is my homemade Christmas and the list is in my opinion, all finished! 

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - furiously hand stitching as you read! 
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2 - Finished  
Doll's House Mat for Rose - Finished
Christmas Table Runner -Finished 
Polar Bear Cushion - Finished
Christmas Book Report Dress of Rose -  Finished
Hudl Cover - Finished
Advent Calendar - Finished
Thermal Curtains - Finished
Cafe Apron -Finished
Drawstring bag for critters - Finished

I am still cleaning and cooking up a storm in anticipation of I don't know what! The queues at the supermarket make me a little worried that it is actually more than just two days and no one has let me in on a secret! 

So I would just like to wish every single person who reads, comments or just passes through on this blog, a wonderful Christmas and I hope you get everything you dream of……5 minutes peace, fabric, wool or FQ retreat tickets….oh sorry thats just my list!!  
What have you asked your Santa for? 


  1. Well done! Love your color scheme! I want books and more quilting time for christmas. Merry Christmas!

  2. You done fab! Merry Christmas to you too! I just wish it'll be New Year already :-)

  3. Congratulations on showing that list who is boss:)

    How exciting to get your quilted quilt back too.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.


  4. Don't talk to me about supermarket queues. I thought that I was being really clever today - I scanned as I shopped and packed everything as I was going around the shop. This was all great until everything crashed as we went to pay. So I had to unpack everything, wait for it to be scanned, watched as a member of staff did an awful job of packing my shopping (washing powder and bread in the same bag? Really?) and then repacked it all again! Don't you just love Christmas? Roll on Thursday when I can sit back and relax!

  5. Somehow or another the first part of my comment went missing (that'll teach me to write such a long comment)

    What I wanted to say was how much I love your Christmas makes - you've done so much better than me - I'm currently burning the midnight oil at the sewing machine!

  6. Woohoo, congrats! You did an awesome job this Christmas :o)

    I finished my last pressie in the wee small hours this morning, thank ****!

  7. Congrats! Not only are all your makes beautiful but you finished your list! I especially love your dolls house mat. Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution to Making Christmas. I hope you have a great New Year! Janine x


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