Monday, 2 December 2013

Making Christmas Week 8

Well, another week has whizzed by this house!
I'm truly still not feeling the Christmas spirt at all and am frankly horrified at all of the houses near me that put their trees up last weekend!!
It just feels sooooo early (I know it's not!!) OK, mini rant over!

So, my list progress this week.
I've finished and blogged all about my Hootenanny Quilt here. I'm so pleased he is done and ready for Christmas Eve for Son No.2
I've battled and won, making the Hudl cover as a present for my sister.
I used this brilliant tutorial by Amber at One Shabby Chick, but had to change the dimensions and got myself in a right pickle!
But it's sorted and tightly fits an iPad mini so should fit the smaller Hudl!!!!
And  Trudi received my Swoon quilt top on Thursday and is in her quilting book for the beginning of December, so I can't wait to see that progress!

And lastly the curtains are underway!! Just need to get them a pole and then I can hem them.

So, heres the updated list

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - It's with Trudi!!!!! 
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2 - Finished  
Doll's House Mat for Rose - I've started and am on week 3 of the tutorial - Not touched! 
Christmas Table Runner -Finished 
Polar Bear Cushion - Finished
Christmas Book Report Dress of Rose -  Cheesy fabric has arrived
Hudl Cover - Finished
Advent Calendar - Finished
Thermal Curtains - They are kind of done!
Cafe Apron - Added

Making Christmas is being hosted by Erin at Missy Mac Creations and she is sharing the most brilliant Christmas Lollipop Nose Critters tutorial!!! You have to see them! 


  1. You really are whittling down that list Joanne! Looking forward to seeing your Swoon quilt in all its' quilted glory :)

  2. Yay you! The flat downstairs is getting more garish by the day, I predict by Friday you won't be able to see the building for lights and inflatable things...

  3. Nice finishes! I love the typewriter print for the case...excellent choice :)

  4. Oh wow, you are on roll! Nice projects and great progress!

  5. Your owl is fabulous and I love your case for your sister :)

  6. I've just come across your Hootenanny for son number 2, I made one of these myself in lots of browns and greens, but alas it still sits in my WIPs pile waiting for just a little bit more cream to sash the outsides before binding.
    Your purple and blues one is absolutely gorgeous, it's inspiring me to perhaps make another in those colours.


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