Sunday, 1 December 2013

Night Night November!

November was a month of trying to get organised.
I've made quite a bit, but I definitely do not think I'm any more prepared!

Just more knowledgable of what I still have to do and really trying to ignore it!! 

I am still completely in love with my Greetings from Antarctica cushions and they just make me smile every time I look in the cupboard! No, there is not a decoration in sight in this house. 

Today I will attempt to make curtains and try and not eat all the chocolate I've bought for the advent calendar…..
Please tell me your curtain making tips, as I'm a novice and am attempted to use thermal lining! Instagram may hear me scream and I'll be browsing everyones Fresh Sewing Days posts to delay me messing it up!

I'm linking up with the lovely Lynne for 
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  1. Pretty. I like your Christmas header as well. Cool idea!

  2. What a fabulous month of makes! Good luck with the curtains!

  3. You've had a good month! I love your cushions too, they are fab, plus the owl quilt :) Not much advice re curtain making, but my mum always
    says that ironing is your best friend when making curtains and try to think of them as just big rectangles! Probably not much help, but good luck!

  4. I love the fact that you made a load of stuff but are still not prepared, like me! Great month though - I finished my cushions yesterday I just need to buy some inserts!

  5. Good luck with the curtains! I'm never actually tried them myself, so no tips, sorry :o/

  6. love your new Christmas blog header :-)

  7. Wow you've packed a load into November. The cushions are very cute, but i love the owl quilt on the previous post, its fab!

    Ha, ha I think my curtain making skills could offer you a lot of pointers.... Maybe, things to avoid doing! I've made loads of curtains, in fact I think I made all the curtains and Roman blinds in our last house, but then I've only once or twice strayed away from checked or striped material....I'm too much of a wuss!

  8. You have had a great month Joanne! Love the festive Blog header too.

    The only tip I can give you for the curtain making is to give yourself lots of space to work in and to let them hang overnight before hemming them. I have two sets of curtains to make and have been putting them off for months :)

  9. The cushions are so sweet!!!

  10. Really like your fun cushions! Cool!

  11. lovely stuff and I think your themed header is fab-u-lous.


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