Friday, 20 December 2013

Little Dolls House Mat - Ta Dah!!!!

You know that I finished this last week, but I really wanted to go over the top with photos on this one with it's own post, as I think it is particularly cute!
I'm all for making things up as you go along and I've made some great things that way, but this time I wanted my mat to look exactly like the Eternal Maker tutorial, as their one was so perfect.
And in the sign of a great tutorial, it looks identical!
It has loads of ridiculously cute details, not just that Kokka fabric panel for the main house. 
All of the inside windows are pockets, as well as the door and boxes in the loft. There is a bit of appliqué on the front, that perfect brick fabric and really clever details with lots of bias binding. 
I really did want to put some loops on it so it could be put on the wall, but the man of the house gave me a bit of a gentle reminder that eye height hooks or nails are not very safe!!!! So it will remain on the floor. Also, I still have of a ton of prints resting up against the walls awaiting his diy skills!
I made a drawstring bag to keep the critters safe, using this easy tutorial and that lovely organic A is for Apple fabric from Monaluna and some Kona solids. 
I did follow the tutorial word for word, but……….
I didn't use the brick fabric on the back, for that I used the cheaper Kona medium grey, as I figured it isn't really going to be seen. 
I also added magnets behind the room panels and magnets in some of the critters as I was thinking about it being upright. This will hopefully work for the felt Christmas tree and door wreath that I'm trying to get finished! 
And my last tip, use the thin strips of bondaweb on the bias binding like the tutorial suggests! I didn't at first as I was trying to rush, but it looked so wonky that the time I had saved was used in redoing the door! I then used it for every other strip and it looked a million times better! 
I really loved making this and think if you are going to make one, it is perfect to break it up over the weeks like the tutorial. That way you don't get bored or feel like it is quite a mammoth task, I found that week 3 took particularly long, but I could pick it up and down in between other projects. 
I do really think this would make an amazing new baby gift, that could be a floor mat when they are younger and then a toy as they grow up. I know at nearly 3 Rose will really love this….well I hope so!
Now I just have to decide what to wrap this in, Christmas or birthday paper, as Rose celebrates her 3rd birthday on New Years Eve and I'm guessing I'm going to be struggling with present ideas 6 days after Father Christmas has made his delivery!! 


  1. It looks brilliant! I am sure there is going to be a very happy recipient:-)

  2. You did a great job with all the little details. I am sure she will love it.

  3. You did a fabulous job of this, I'm sure she'll be thrilled! Even if she does thank Santa... ;o)

  4. It's absolutely fabulous Joanne! I think a great peace will descend on your house as soon as this is opened !

  5. It's absolutely fabulous Joanne! I think a great peace will descend on your house as soon as this is opened !

  6. What an awesome finish! This is SO adorable. I actually just bought the print from the interior. I think I'm going to do something else with it. We'll see.

  7. Oh I've been so looking forward to your big reveal post! Well worth the wait! This is so fantastic Joanne! Love all the little details and I bet it's going to be a massive hit with the kids!!

  8. completely adorable :-) A very Happy Christmas to you and your family - hope all the gifts are really well received :-)

  9. Fabulous, I love it, well done, and looking forward to finding time to make one.... :o)

  10. Wow! This is just incredible. I'd hate to think how many hours it took you to make it but it's worth every second.

    I think that I'd have to keep it for her birthday as I'm guessing that she gets a LOT of pressies for Christmas and you don't want this one being buried under all the wrapping paper!

  11. OH MY gosh I am in love!!!! Heading over to the tutorial....

  12. Oh Jo it's fabulous! I'm sure that whenever Rose gets it she'll love it!!!! Sx

  13. It's great. Enjoy the play with your girl. I'm sure you'll have fun with it.

  14. Perfect! I'm sure she will love it

  15. it's just fabulous. I pinned the tutorials but can't see me getting round to making it!


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