Thursday, 14 November 2013

Stripey Le Challenge!

When I saw the theme for this months Le Challenge, I knew just what I wanted to make.
A stripey Christmas table runner! I then completely forgot and got on with lots of other projects until Tuesday, when I realised I had to get a wriggle on with it!!
I had seen two really gorgeous runners, here and here. That I wanted to put together, so had a bit of a plotting and HST-maths half hour and came up with this.
It's double sided, so when the children spill something on it I can flip it over and the table still looks pretty. Until any guest leave and then I can get the vanish out and pop it in the machine and moan at said messy children!!!
I used insulated wadding that I had bought last year and then added an extra layer of cotton wadding to make it more insulated on the reverse. So it is very thick and sturdy and was very warm while I was binding it last night!
The striped side was slightly bigger to help line it up, but getting it all straight was a tiny bit tricky, with all those layers. A few mumbled rude words may have passed my lips!
I quilted it following the chevron pattern, as I thought to would be quick,
and add detail to the striped side.
My most favourite Christmas fabric!! I love those Reindeers! 
And for the binding I used a hoarded bit of Ruby fabric.
I'm really cross that I didn't add the lace detail on the stripe, like the one I pinned, but I just forgot.
It finished up 44"x18", which is a tiny bit bigger than my quilt maths planned, but heyho! Quilt maths is not my strong point and it is the perfect size for the table.
It's now in the cupboard with the pile of Christmas cushion covers that I am just itching to break out from last year!
Thats another thing of my Making Christmas list! It's coming around very quickly!! Also, I am so pleased that I haven't had to buy anything new to make this runner! Everything came from my stash, although I do have a very healthy stack of Christmas fabric, thanks to a win from last year! And I am determined to make a dent in them this year and not buy anymore......... whoops!

Go and see the other stripy creations at
Le Challenge

I'm also linking this up with the lovely Liz and Clare for Brit Sewing Thursday! 


  1. I love those colours. Well done on a beautiful addition to your table x

  2. So cute- I love the use of non-Christmas fabrics to make a very Christmas-y project. Well done.

  3. I love it - your work is lovely and I like the fabrics that you have chosen for it.

  4. Love the Christmas runner, it's going to make your table look so pretty all through the Christmas season!

  5. Looks fab, and very practical being double sided, as like you say, those little people and their spills!

  6. It's lovely Joanne, your table will look so swish this Christmas!

  7. It turned out darling! And reversible? And chevrons? You really did a great job. I too LOVE that reindeer fabric!

  8. love this :-) Making me feel Christmasy! I really want to make one Christmas item this year - and remember next year to start earlier. Hoping to grab some Christmas fabrics in the sales for next year!!

  9. What a paerfect use for stripes! Great job.

  10. I love it! So Christmassy. I want to get my house all Chritsmassy but I have not finished anything yet, but started a lot of things! Thanks for participating in le challenge!

  11. Love it and the fact that it is reversible, brilliant!

  12. Very nice and not too white, so those little spills won't show too much!

  13. Beautiful! Both sides look fantastic and the chevron quilting is perfect!

  14. good idea to make the table runner double sided, at Christmas the odds of spillages is even higher


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