Friday, 22 November 2013

Introducing Petal and Percy!

You know when you really love something that your making, so you just keep sewing away at it/them and then before you know it, they are finished!
And you have two cute cushions made in two days!
Here's Petal the Pale Polar Bear!
And this is Percy the Pompom Penguin! (yes, I am going to keep with the alliteration, humour me, I've had a hard week!!!)
As I said in yesterdays post, they are paper pieced patterns by Sonia Callaghan from the fantastic Pretty in Patchwork - Holidays 
Yes I love this book, I've made at least 8 projects from it and am still not bored of it, even if you are! 
I used mostly scraps for the piecing and my favourite snowy sky fabric Aqua Skipping Squares from Sherbet Pips, that my lqs still has a tiny bit left of!! 
They were super easy to make and I just quilted them very simply following inside the seams. I then added a quick pompom to the Christmas hat instead of the cotton circle. I am under no illusions that the pompom will last, but it does make him very cute. 
I used solids from the stash club on the envelope backing, the red is Chinese Red, but I'm unsure of the grey. The bindings were both leftover scrap bindings from other quilts, but I slimmed it down to 2¼". They have finished up at 17", which is a little smaller than Pete the Penguin.
This is because I scanned the image, then enlarged them in pages and printed them in sections! I really couldn't be asked to go to get them copied, by the Shop Man who already thinks I have too many cushions, but who has never been in my house……..
Anyway, I absolutely love them!
They have been added to the pile of Christmas quiltiness that I am just waiting to scatter across the house. I have promised the husband no Christmasness until 1st December, but I don't know if I can wait that long for these two!
So, that another thing off my Making Christmas list!
But, now I'm thinking I might unpick the white binding from the original cushion and redo it in red? Arrgghhh!!!
I'm linking up with Kristy's
Paper Piecing Party


  1. Noooo! Don't unpick the binding, he's lovely as he is! Gorgeous cushions and I love the snowy backgrounds!

  2. Awww!!!! They are sooo cute!!! Am in love! :)

  3. Fab! Might have to give these a try now my sewing girls have taught me paper piecing.

  4. I do love these guys! We were so right on IG about the red too ;o)

  5. These are so very very cute! I wouldn't unpick the white binding - I think it looks fab!

  6. I love them! I made the penguin for Baby MiH and it is so so cute!

  7. these are so lovely! I love how you have pieced them like a quilting block. One day, I may be that skilled. Love the coasters too. What a beautiful idea for the sofa and coffee table for Christmas

  8. I love these.... I've just bought the book too.


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