Saturday, 23 November 2013

Making Christmas - Week 7

Twas a good week for sewing this week!
I've got a few things off the list and best of all, as of this morning I haven't added anything this week!!
I've finished my Polar Bear Cushion and while I was sewing, I made a friend for her, complete with pompom!

And on Thursday, after spotting the Blueberry Park Advent Calendar on the BT website I got myself in gear and sewed it together. 

The backing arrived for the Swoon, so I can post that off to Trudi on Monday. 
So the list is looking good…ish!! 

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - Sending it out on Monday! 
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2 - Need to get some photos of this washed 
Doll's House Mat for Rose - I've started and am on week 3 of the tutorial - Not touched! 
Christmas Table Runner -Finished 
Polar Bear Cushion - Finished
Christmas Book Report Dress of Rose -  Cheesy fabric has arrived
Hudl Cover
Advent Calendar - Finished
Thermal Curtains

The link up this week is at Nat of Made in Home, she has got a brilliant knitting list for present as well as a sewing one. 
I'm off out into the arctic weather for work and it's officially cold, as the thermal long johns are out!!!!  Now where did I put that hat from last year???


  1. The girl done good! My list is, err, static lol

  2. Ooh! Lots of progress, you are whipping through that list. I love the pompom on the penguin cushion - genius! Keep warm :)

  3. Great pillows! Fun and cute.

  4. You've had a great week! I love Petal and Percy and your advent calendar looks great :)

  5. You've made a great dent in your list. Love those pillows! Ahhhdorable! Makes me want to make another polar bear :)


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