Thursday, 7 November 2013

Filling the time!

I have ran out of Kona White! My local quilt shop only sells Makower white and you can really see the difference in them, so I have to wait! I don't like waiting!
So, what do you do when you are waiting for the deliveries, to finish things from your list of wip's?
Start another one!
Please tell me it's not just me!!
But, I had sewing time and couldn't do anything...honest Miss!!!
So I attacked a a pile of 5" squares and made a baby girl quilt top!
My old school friend is pregnant, with only 5 weeks left and doesn't want to know what she is having, so I'm going to make one of each!
I need the Kona white to get the Swoon blocks sashed together and for my wonky stars. I'm also waiting for wadding (my LQS only does polyester wadding too!) to get my Hootenanny Quilt together, I did piece the backing for that as well to help fill the time!! Yes, more Ikea Britten Nummer, with a strip of Kona Peacock.
I'm off to stalk the postman, start on this amazing dolls house mat and maybe cut some more charm squares.....
Watch this space for a pile of blue and green fabrics to be picked and attacked!
I'm linking up with the lovely Liz and Clare.


  1. Ha, I have so many WIPs I don't need to start anything new, I can just try and pick up another abandoned project ;o) Although I suppose that means that at one time I did keep starting new things, I just didn't, apparently, finish them...

  2. I admit I have many WIPs and I am bad to start something new too. Of course I have tons of crocheting to do by Christmas so what do I do....I bought counted cross stitch patterns and supplies *sigh*. I have never quilted so maybe you know this....can you use a cross stitched aida cloth as a square in a quilt?

  3. At least you have an excuse to start a new project! Totally understand you have to wait for the right fabric - I do that too, and then stalk the postman...


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