Thursday, 21 November 2013

Antarctic Paper Piecing

I've been quietly sewing away this week and trying to keep things going on my FAL & Making Christmas lists!
And yesterday, I felt the need to sew something that was fun and cheerful, so cracked open some paper piecing from the list.
Here is the start of my Polar Bear cushion
 and while I was there, I also started a friend for the original Pete the Penguin!
These were made from a pattern by Sonia Callaghan (a serious paper piecing master!!) in Pretty in Patchwork - Holidays book, I made Pete back in January as part of the Threadbias Sew Along and we really loved him. Then, I went and promised the children I would make the other two from the book before Christmas…. now is time to keep that promise!  
I just need to sash these and as I don't have enough of the grey scribbles that I used before, I need to pick another.
Pearl Bracelets or Flowery Grey? Or maybe one in each?
I'm linking up with the lovely Liz and Clare


  1. Haha these are on my list to do too! - just need to get them photocopied and enlarged! I'd go with both for the sashing (one on each).

  2. I vote for one on each too! Might have to add that book to my wish list, I love these!

  3. I agree with these clever ladies, one of each :o). I really want to do some more paper piecing, these look fab.

  4. Hi Joanne! These are just adorable! I vote also one on each. These would make the best Christmas-Winter quilt! x Teje

  5. I'm with Fiona - need to add that book to my wish list. These are so cute :-)


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