Saturday, 2 November 2013

Making Christmas - Week 4

Week 4!!...... where did the last one go to! They are coming around very quickly!
This week I have finished off all of the Swoon blocks for my parents quilt, but I now have a Swoon Dilemma!
My parents bed is King Size so I need to make the quilt bigger than the 80"x80" it should end up.
SO, should I make another 3 blocks, taking it to 12 and increase the sashing to 3.5" making it ......108"x85"ish!

keep it at 9 blocks and increase the sashing to 3.5", add cornerstones and an extra border in one of the Happy-go-Lucky fabrics

Still keeping it a 9 blocks but add 3 skinnier borders
I would probably use the blue or aqua dot for the border and cornerstones.
But, I'm at a loss!
Suggestions on a postcard please!

The list is looking not very changed!

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - Possibly all the blocks done 
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2 - Quilt Top is complete 
Doll's House Mat for Rose, I want it to go on the wall!?!
Christmas Table Runner - I keep getting distracted searching for ideas on Pinterest! 
Polar Bear Cushion  
Christmas Dress of Rose - I now know I'm going to make another Book Report Dress in Christmassy Cheesy fabric! 

With October flying by like it did, I really need to get a shift on!
Go and have a peek at the other Making Christmas posts at Janine's! (Can't link it as posting from my phone!!) 


  1. Plan b! Don't make more blocks, the 9 looks perfect, just boost the sashing and border to get it to the size you want

  2. Option B here

    PS, you know you've published this back on Wednesday? You may want to update the date...

  3. I agree. B. Your blocks are really gorgeous and the borders and cornerstones show them off beautifully. Thank you for linking with Making Christmas :)

  4. wow! what an accomplishment! I can't believe you got so many done. it's looking amazing. =) lucky parents!
    are you more comfortable making more blocks or working with all those sashings and borders? any of the options look good, so I think you should base your idea on what is easiest for you to accomplish. good luck!

  5. I think option B sounds and looks the best, and will really show off the beautiful blocks.

  6. Don't make any more blocks, because if you do it will not sit right on their bed, (you want to have a swoon down the centre). I kept the sashing the same size on my swoon and just added borders. If you want to see what my swoon looks like with borders check out this link.


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