Saturday, 16 November 2013

Making Christmas - Week 6 !!

Including today there are just 6 Saturdays to go until Christmas!!!

It's officially time to remove my head from the sand about homemade gifts!

I am so unprepared its a joke and all I keep doing is starting new things. Thank God that my Making Christmas list keeps reminding me what I need to be doing or ignoring! And, at least this week I also finished the item that I started!

My Stripey Reversable Christmas Table Runner is complete and off the list. Phew! 

The Hootenanny Quilt is just inches of binding and a label away from being finished and popped into the washing machine. 

And I have a few things to add to the list! 

This brilliant advent calendar need to be turned into this and with gifts by the 1st. 
I'm aiming for notes to lead the children to chocolate coins, books or a Lego Mini Figure rather than stuffing the pockets for little fingers to pinch! 

I really need to commit to making a curtain for the back of the front door too! I know it's not Christmassy, but it was something last winter I said I would do and the door is still bare and whistling a draft though it. I'm thinking this Ikea fabric with a thermal lining?!? 
And the other item to be added to the list is a Hudl Cover for my sister. She's not asked for one, but I thought one in Type would be a great Christmas gift for her tablet. 

So heres the updated list

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - Quilt top is complete awaiting the backing to send it to be quilted
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2 - Quilted and binding going on as you read! 
Doll's House Mat for Rose - I've started and am on week 3 of the tutorial - Not touched! 
Christmas Table Runner -Finished 
Polar Bear Cushion  
Christmas Book Report Dress of Rose -  Cheesy fabric is on its way from Fat Quarter Shop
Hudl Cover
Advent Calendar
Thermal Curtains

I'm so pleased with my progress, even if the new added items take me back to the original number on the list!
The temperature has really dropped in London this week and with talk of snow next week (I really hope that is just for headline grabbing newspaper sales!!!) it is slowly starting to really feel like winter is on the way.  I'll be freezing cold at work today, but hopefully will defrost this evening catching up with everyones Making Christmas lists which are at the brilliant Fiona of Celtic Thistle Stitches this week.



  1. You are doing much better at ticking things off your list than I am Joanne :)

  2. We'll done, love your colors in the table runners!

  3. Your doing a great job with your list. Both sides of your table runner are gorgeous! And I love your idea of using clothes pegs on your quilt binding :)

  4. I like your table runners, too, they're beautifully made.

  5. Lovely Jo - perfect for the Christmas table. You're doing so well with you list - I've not even bothered with one this year. Naughty me! Can't wait to see your swoon!

  6. Stop mentioning the C word ;o) I'd like to say well done on the list, but, you know, if you keep adding to it...

  7. Your runner is really lovely.

  8. Love the chevron table runner! ...can't wait to see your finished quilts!


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