Wednesday, 22 April 2015

UKminiswap ✓

I have my first finish of this quarter, it may well have been the easiest thing to get done on my list, but hey, I need one easy one off that list!!!
My UKminiswap.
I got the binding on and then had a little play about on my machine to make a label for the back.
I always forget about the clever tricks my machine has, like the alphabet, but it did make the label bit nice and easy.

The Details:

Pattern - Good Fortune Pattern by Cotton + Steel scaled down in Touchdraw and not offset.
Size - 19"x19" ish, I forgot to measure it before it went in the post!
Fabrics - Loads and loads of scraps, but also lots of Karen Lewis Textiles fabrics Charms for the coloured discs and low volume background. Binding was Remix Stripe by Ann Kelle
Quilting - echo quilted by me on my Janome 8200QC with Aurifil 2021

Now I know I did say that I wanted to keep it as I really LOVE it, but I did get it off in the post to my partner on Monday, with a few extras.
It was my first dip into a mini swaps and I don't think it will be my last, Anna Marie received it yesterday and I think she might like it,
which I am so so pleased about and I hope that she knows that it was made....... 

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

UK Mini Swap


  1. no wonder she was pleased, I'd be so chuffed if this had landed on my door mat, it's brilliant! Love the pattern, love your choice of colours, love the colour placements, just love it!

  2. what a mini - it is just gorgeous - no wonder she loved it!

  3. Fabulous finish Joanne, I think your partner liked it :)

  4. So pretty. The binding is perfect for the quilt.

  5. This is just stunning. I love the design and the colours. You have certainly use dup lots of different scraps and someone is very lucky indeed. x


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