Tuesday, 28 April 2015

At A Glance Pouch

I've been watching lots of new patterns pop up over the internet using vinyl and really fancied having a at one, so I decided to start with something nice and simple.
These are made with the At A Glance pouch pattern by Aneela Hoey, and I have to say they were a joy to make. Just a couple of hours on Sunday and these were cut, sewn and then hand finished.
I asked for lots of advice on IG for sewing with vinyl and using tissue paper to stop the vinyl sticking was a brilliant suggestion, as was lengthening the stitch. Someone also said they use a leather needle, but I didn't have one of those to try.
I've sent the pink one off to live with my #ukminiswap partner and I think she loved it.
I've got my eye on the Double Pocket Pouch next, although that long zips looks scary! 


  1. I like the tips on using tissue paper and a longer stitch length. It would be more helpful if these kind of tips were added to the pattern too! These are gorgeous pouches and seeing everything at a glance is so useful. x

  2. they are fab pouches, great choices of fabric. Don't be scared of the long zip, I had to put one in when I made a similar pouch from Zakka Style and if I can do it, you certainly can!


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