Monday, 6 April 2015

2015 FAL - Q1 The Verdict

So the start of the year has been about problems with the planning office and family stuff, but very little sewing!! But I did manage to get some things off the wip list.

1. Chicopee Swoon
I have now made the last block, but have done nothing with them......Unfinished!

2. Fabulously Fast Fat Quarterly Quilt

This is all done, finished and well and truly in use, original post here.

3. HST'd Cushion

Not a thing has been done with these, moving along swiftly..... Unfinished!

4.Baby Girl Quilt

And another thing that is completely as it was.... Unfinished!

5. Paper Pieced Post Things.
Oh dear another thing that hasn't seen the light of day...Unfinished! 

6. Christmas Eve Socks

They are done and in the sock drawer, post here.

7. Butterfly Emery Dress
Done, dusted and being worn, post here.

8. Wurm Hat

This has been finished and worn to death in the cold weather we have been having, post is here.

So that is 4 finishes out of a possible 8, which I don't think is too shabby!! Although the ones left over are the serial reoffenders..........I really need to stop avoiding projects!
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  1. Lots of lovely finishes here (bravo!) but we need to talk about your Swoon...

    It's fantastic, when are you going to finish it?!! (Do you need a boot up the backside?!)

  2. 4 finishes out of 8 is wonderful, and they are all lovely.


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