Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sorbet Churn Dash #8

We are nearing the stage where I have to start joining all of these beauties, but this week saw 7 more pretties drop through the letterbox.
First up was these from Lou
I really love the contrasting of the colours in those blocks and that mushroom fabric is so gorgeous!

And then arrived these from Rebecca.
They are so lovely, I LOVE the fabrics she used, I think they might be shot cottons or oakshotts with a bit of Karen Lewis Textiles in there too.

So the total is now at 120 blocks, so I'm thinking two quilts 8 blocks x 8 blocks (roughly 72" x 72") with me making another 8 blocks so there is enough. Otherwise I will never got them ready in time for the camps, as I am running out of time I decided today to make a block or two......

They look normal enough, but I decided to SUPERSIZE them to save time (I really don't have a minute to spare around here!!!) these blocks are 18.5" unfinished, so each block is the same size as four normal ones.
Here it is with a smaller cousin that Mary made for the quilts! I'm hoping to get another two of these made and then I can have one on the front amongst the smaller blocks and one on the backing......when I piece it.
What do you think!!!! 


  1. Yes that is a brilliant idea and will add a little something extra to the quilts! You are doing a splendid job, can't wait to see them.

  2. Sounds like a great idea. They are going to look gorgeous b


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