Sunday, 3 August 2014

Washi #3 - Squeal!!!

To say I am in love with Washi Dress No.3 is an understatement!
I bought 1 metre of Melody Miller arrows from The Village Haberdashery this time last year, just because I needed them and knew they would come in handy and then it sat there in my stash…….for a year!
But as soon as I made my first Washi Dress I knew what those Arrows needed to be, but I needed more of them, which in the cycle of fabric production was not an easy thing. After a few google searches I found a metre at M is for Make and the rest as they say is history…………
Would you look at that dodgy Salt Water sandal tan mark!!! 
As, I bought it, washed it and made myself another Washi Dress and I flipping LOVE it!!!!
I'm not sure how I matched up that arrow on the front, it wasn't intentional, but I'm chuffed!
And the back! 
I tried to get as much of the border print on the dress as possible, but I had to chop the bottom a bit or it would have been half way down my calfs! 
And those sleeves.........
I'm stupidly happy that I thought to use that border trim to make the sleeves!
Then of course with my bias binding addiction I had to add piping!
There was considerably less swearing this time while I was sewing it in on and one tiny bit of unpicking! 
I used the really yummy bias binding from Frumble (which I now have in 8 colours, is that too many??) to make the piping and trim the armholes!!

I'm not joking when I say I want to wear this dress EVERYDAY!!!!!! Even my husband said I looked happy with myself and when I tried it on he was quite impressed! Which for a man thats lacking the fabric addiction gene, that is great praise indeed!!


  1. Lovely details especially the cap sleeves- so clever. One day I will make one!

  2. Well done. It is looking good and I like all those details you pointed out.

  3. Get you smarty pants! Wow it is awesome, you are right to be very delighted with it (a more successful finish than those shorts ;-))

  4. I was admiring your pattern matching on the front :) And the arrows with the shirring on the back look so good!

  5. You should wear it everyday! It's bloody gorgeous!!

  6. Ahhhh, I still want to make one but I saw you mention the other day that you had made the biggest size and you're a few sizes smaller than me so I'll just have to admire your's from afar :0(

  7. Ok, I think you have convinced me....... I need to purchase this washi dress pattern and get one made up for summer. I can see your skills improving each time as well, and even though it's the same pattern, the materials make the dresses look different! You've done a ver professional looking job, it looks lovely!........oh, and is that an apple in the ground? Do you have an apple tree?

  8. Oh wow this is fantastic!! I love everything about it and it looks fab on you. Go girl!!

  9. This is gorgeous! The sleeves and the piping finish it of beautifully!

  10. Oh wow, that is beautiful fabric!

  11. Those scallop-y bits are PERFECT for the hems!

  12. It's fab, but are you all washed out now? :oD

  13. I love it - so clever. I really want to get into clothes making again - need to motor through some quilting WIPs and then I'll hopefully move onto some clothes. You said you bought 1 metre and then another 1 metre - so you got 1 dress out of 2 metres of fabric ok? I reckon we're a similar size so hope you don't mind me asking. Oh and I've got mega Saltwater lines too!

  14. You are my inspiration, lady--I just found this fabric while shopping in Tokyo, so I knew I had to get the Washi pattern! Hope you don't mind a copycat--your dress is gorgeous!

    1. Copy away Beth!!! I love wearing this dress and the fabric just makes me so so happy!!
      Tried to email reply to you but your a no-replier, don't know if you know or not.
      jo x


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