Monday, 18 August 2014

Liberty Loop Scarves

During my visit to FQR (I'm sure I mentioned I went!!) I was determined to get a visit in the the Liberty Fabric Mecca that is Shaukat and on the Saturday evening myself, Sonia and Jen made the short trip down the road to fondle all the liberty lawns. I went with the purpose of getting some of the new Isle of Wight print to make a present for my sister who lives over there and of course I had to get myself a little something to remember the visit!
I planned to make an infinity scarf, so just bought ½ a metre of each of these prints, without a real plan in mind. 
Then came the search for a kind of simple pattern with only a few days to go till her birthday and I stumbled across this one by SeamStar which look super easy and all I needed was bias binding to go with them. 
With my recent addiction to Frumble's bias binding I knew I wouldn't have trouble finding the right shade to match!
So within about an hour I had two loop scarfs all ready for the hand sewing bit. 
And then I had a really good excuse to sit in front of the TV and stitch down the binding!! 
These are definitely going on the 'I need a gift in a day list and it gives me a really good reason to stock up on some ½ metres of Liberty for emergency present making!
Here is my Elvis Lip concentrating modelling face to show you how it looks on, the husband has mumbled something about too much fabric, too much time on my hands and not enough days in the week to wear the shawls and scarves that I've been making, but I'm ignoring him! What do men know!! 
The sister has received it and loved it (well she said she did) and she commented about how that fabric would really match her front room so I can foresee cushions for the visit I'll be making to The Isle in October. 


  1. They look lovely and cosy...I may have to copy you!

  2. I love that animal print, the giraffes make me giggle every time I see them :o)

  3. Love the elvis lip totally classy ( as are the scarves!)

  4. These look fab Jo! Still yet to make my scarf but I'll definitely be checking out the pattern, Hope you're having a good summer x

  5. a beautiful way to use some Liberty fabric :-)

  6. These are lovely Jo, I have never seen them made with bias binding before will have to check out that pattern. Isn't Shaukat a treasure trove too?

  7. great look (scarves and lips!)

  8. They are both gorgeous! The bias trim finishes them off beautifully. Ps. Husbands know nothing when it comes to fabric etc, I mean, too much fabric, there's no such thing!


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