Thursday, 21 August 2014

Stormy Hitchhiker ✓

As we hit the hottest month so far in the year I thought I would finish my Stormy Hitchhiker Shawl!!
This shawl has been slowly worked on of an evening in between other knitting projects since April and to ensure I got it finished before we get any cold weather I added it to my 2014 FAL Q3 list.
The yarn is a super soft Cuddlebums Superwash Merino Sparkle Sock in 4 ply and I used 200 grams to get an extra long shawl. The yarn has the most gorgeous rainbow running through it and it knits up beautifully.
Instead of the normal 42 teeth you should get on the Hitchhiker I have got 60 teeth so it is really really long and will be so cozy!
This was yet again such an easy knit that I could do in front of the TV once I had the pattern in my head and I could easily pick it up and see where I was in the pattern by counting the rows from the last tooth.

The details are

Yarn : 2 Skeins of Superwash Merino 4 ply in Stormy Rainbow by Cuddlebums 

And here it is being modelled by myself on a sweltering August day!! I just know this will get lots of wear in the winter and for once I'm ahead of the game and organised…..although I really don't want to wish the warm weather away for a while yet!!! 
I might be mad, but I've cast on a Color Affection for some holiday knitting, so if it's not too hot while we are away I might come home with another shawl…….at least my neck will be well dress this winter, even if my legs will be melting this summer!!! 


  1. What clever yarn! Love the rainbow effect running through it. Looks very snug & warm - you will be wishing away this lovely weather we have been having! Well, maybe not just yet....

  2. I made a hitchhiker this winter (we are getting close to spring here in Australia).... it was the first thing I've knitted in 23 yrs . I love how it turned out, but do think I would prefer it to be just that bit longer. Yours looks to be good length for winter!

  3. I love that colourful yarn. It makes the shawl look fresh and modern with just the right amount of detail.

  4. Ooh, love the pretty rainbow bits


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