Friday, 1 August 2014

Gym Shorts for Daddy Bob or a post with a giggle!

So, I needed some pyjama bottoms for holiday and IG was full of the amazing City Gym Shorts Pattern by Purl Soho….so, I thought I could make those!!
And I did, but I didn't listen to the measurements and though I'd make the largest size, as I am a size 16 lady, so I probably need the biggest size………….no tape measure required, the elastic will solve everything!!
It turns out it didn't and I've ended up with a pair of shorts that look like they belong to my great-grandad!! Do you know what great-grandad look like in pants!!!!
My husband actually said 'You've made boxer shorts like your granddad's!'
I'm only joking, but they aren't the best fitting or most flattering shorts, but that is all MY FAULT for not going by the measurements and going by my body image in my head!!
It is a brilliant pattern, than can be sewn up within an hour, if you have everything pre washed. How I wished this was not pre washed and would shrink down!
I won't scar you with a pic of me in them, but needless to say I will be making myself another pair in the correct size!
To make them I used

On a plus, I did also make a really really special Washi Dress today that made me squeal!! I'll show you more once I get some photos! 
Oh and Daddy Bob was my Great-Grandad and he did wear pants like this!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. I expect you could still wear them indoors and call them deliberately big.

  2. my husband just wondered why I was giggling so much!!

  3. Very funny! Made me smile on a wet morning. Not going to model them????????

  4. Brilliant! At least you know how to make them and how quick they can be! Get your tape measure out lady and make another pair quick. Looking forward to seeing the Washi...

  5. Lol, a whole new use for Nummers...

  6. Whoops! Doesn't the Nummers get a bit *ahem* see-through in the rain/humidity/ when spilled on?


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