Thursday, 14 August 2014

Molly Market Tote ✓

Oh, it feels so good ticking these things off that Q3 list! So, number 2 off the list is the Molly Market Tote, I had spotted this on Instagram when the pattern was in the testing stages and knew I had to make one. So ordered the pattern straight away and then spent ages pondering fabric choices! I decided to copy be heavily influenced by the original bag that Michelle made and caused me to fall for the pattern!
I mean those birds and striped fabric was a well picked combination for me!
For the lining and pockets I went for a mix of blues.
This bag is ENORMOUS, I took it to FQR with me and on most days I had

an iPad
DSLR Camera
my Purse 
my mobile
a Cardigan
bottle of water
the Goodie Bag
fabric (especially on the quilt market night!)
Pouch full of chargers, scissors, pens and rotary cutter
and loads more stuff that woman carry around for no known reason! 
I did originally worry that the handles wouldn't be able to take the weight a bag of this size can carry, but it has come back from the weekend as good as new. I think I will be using it to travel on the plane as hand luggage for our summer holiday as I always end up carrying everything in my bag……
All ready to leave for FQR
The fabrics I used are 

Echino Birds for the outside 
Navy Sunburst Stripe by Dear Stella (this is a Christmas fabric unbelievably) for the bias binding
Random stripes and chevrons for the insides 

I think it would be an amazing bag if you used QAYG panels! 

So that is another ticked off the FAL list just 5 more to go…..


  1. What a fabulous bag - I love the fabrics!

  2. Beautiful! I adore this bag pattern, I'm not great at bags but this one really appeals to me, I love the shape and the fact you can stick loads in it!

  3. Beautiful. The bird fabric reminds me of a blouse I recently bought at a bargain price from a charity shop. I'm planning to wear it next time I meet up with a friend who goes on bird watching holidays regularly.

  4. Looking good! I'm working on towards ticking off as well ;)

  5. Oooo it's lovely and I like how structured it look, what I was hoping for in my super tote. Maybe I should give this one a go!

  6. Love those birds and this looks like such a great pattern, except for no clasp or zipper. I am always so worried about everything falling out of bags like that!


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