Monday, 11 August 2014

Thread Catchers ✓

I'm on a catch-up of all the things I finished in the mad few days before FQR that I haven't had the time to blog! So, for the Sample Swaps I made these colourful Thread Catchers.
The pattern was from Brioni Greenberg's book 25 Ways to sew with Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs and is called Fairytale Pincushion and Thread Catcher (which you can get as a free Kindle download here!)
I started them back at the beginning of June and then they sat there without lining and pincushion inserts for a good few weeks, so I popped them on my FAL Q3 List as I need to get them done. (and this Quarter I would really like to have some finishes off the list!!!)
I made 4 as I wasn't sure if I was in a group of 4 or 5 but, as I was in a smaller group I got to keep one too and the blue one came home with me.
And Pippa has already posted a photo of her Thread Catcher in use on IG.
I loved seeing it in use, you never know if your making something that is useful to anyone other than yourself!
So, I'm just going to ignore the left over amount of plastic boning I have, as I ordered two lots and be pleased that I have the first thing crossed of my FAL list, just 6 more things to go…….. 


  1. oh these are super sweet and so so useful. I need to make one instead of dropping threads all over the floor!

  2. I use my floor as my thread catcher too, although my other half would claim it was his socks, given the number of times he has to clear the bottom of them! Loving your work.

  3. These are really lovely Joanne, I could certainly do with making myself one of them too as the wastepaper basked always seems to be just that little bit out of reach :) Thanks for the link to the pattern too.

  4. Yay finishes, and love the idea of boning to keep the thread catcher bit round

  5. Very cute thread catchers! Thanks for the link :)

  6. They all look great! Nothing like a color sorting :)

  7. Thank you for the link. I've been wanting to make one for ages.


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