Monday, 31 March 2014

My Quilty Bucket List!

I mentioned last week that I had been pondering my Quilty Bucket List after reading the brilliant posts that were linked up at The Tilted Quilt and had joked to Hannah on IG that is might actually be easier to write a list of quilts I don't want to make……. but, with the linkup ending in a few hours I thought I'd get the mad list in print on the blogosphere so that I might actually get the courage to start one.
                                                                                       The Tilted Quilt
The list so far is

A Scrappy/or not Trip Around the World.
scrappy trip around the world. Camille Roskelley.  I am in love!
Scrappy trip Around The World by Camille Roskelley
I loved seeing these pop up on IG, but last year I didn't have the stash to plunder to make one, but every time I see one, I still really want to make one of my own!

Grandmother Flower Garden 
Vintage Handmade 1940s GRANDMOTHERS FLOWER GARDEN Quilt FEEDSACK Novelty | eBay 70x92
I found this one on Pinterest!

I think I could start this now and finsih when I'm about 80!!!

I made this one for my parents, but I want to do one with a Low Volume background that I can keep, all for me!!  

ABC Quilt
#spellitwithmoda Spell It With Fabric quilt top by MessyJesse
Spell it with Fabric Quilt By Messy Jesse
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt by Jessie and really want one for my house! 

crazy mom quilts: pezzy complete!
This quilt by Crazy Mum Quilts is gorgeous! I don't know if it the Pezzy Prints or the Churn Dashs that I love more!! 

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt Pattern -Nicely written and diagrammed MessyJesse
Scrappy Irish Chain quilt by Messy Jesse 
I thought I would never have this on my list, but after seeing this tutorial I have hopes of making one…. one day! 

rainbow i spy quilt top

Stunning Quilt by Gemma @ Pretty Bobbins

I have loved this quilt for nearly a year! It is stunning and I can't imagine the work that went into it, but I would love to make a rainbow I Spy Quilt at some point in my sewing life!! 

I also want to use the bundle of Chicopee and stop looking for the perfect pattern for it.

And to be braver with fabrics, my Economy Blocks quilt really showed me that scrappy and loud can be amazing and that everything doesn't have to be matchy matchy.

And thats it…….for now…I think!

Now, what should I start first?

And what on your Bucket List?


  1. I love so many of your choices - definitely a swoon and a scrappy trip-around the world quilt are on my bucket list too! (which is still only in my head!)

  2. These are such good ideas. I love the scrappy Irish Chain quilt. I don't know how I missed that quilt before now but it is amazing. Maybe I could do that with all my Bonnie & Camille scraps :)

  3. Good choices, I especial love the ABC quilt, J is one clever lady, I adore her fabric choices :o). Good Luck!!

  4. Great list! I don't actually have a list, I just go by whim lol I also don't tend to use patterns, but I like seeing what other people do with them :o)

  5. Great list! You could join the Scrappy Trip.Around the World Bee when it opens for the next round soon and start knocking one off of your list!

  6. Love your list! You're making me mentally add to mine. In fact I have a churn dash wip, maybe I will try to get back to that this month. I was glad to get my list up, excited to see what you make next!


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