Saturday, 22 March 2014

Woolish Update!

I think if you have a bad case of Startiitus of the fabric variety, it goes without saying that the problem may spread over onto other crafts and although I might have said I wouldn't start that Miss Winkle Shawlette for the CftC Knitalong without finishing Rose's cardigan…………I lied,
I was distracted by this yummy yarn that arrived…. and I had to cast on, as I'd read a few people had had to redo there first few rows, so I thought I'd just give it a trial go! 
And have ended up with 10 loops of pretty springness!
Even though the pattern read a little trickily, it is really simple and so far has knitted up really well and of course the best bit is the yarn matches the pouch!
I'm easily pleased! 
Also, Rose's Granny's Favourite cardigan has had some progress on it too.
Just the sleeves to go and the brilliant thing with this pattern, is there is hardly any ends to sew in  on this one! Not like the last cardigan, that was sew-in-hell!! 
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  1. You had to start now just in case you had to redo the first few rows? Uh huh, best excuse yet!

  2. I have just bought the Grannys Favourite pattern after seeing yours. What yarn are you using?

  3. I like the yarn and the loops are looking good for the shawl and the cardigan looks good so far. :)

  4. Oh the cardigan looks lovely and those fun loops! Nice projects.

  5. The cardigan is going to look lovely. I need to make a pouch to match my knitting projects!


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