Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WIP - The nameless block!

I've had an idea in my head after spotting a block on IG and can't for the life of me remember
a. Who's profile I saw it on, or b. If it had a name!
I've searched and searched the internet and pinterest, looking up grid quilts, fence quiltsX quilts and lattice quits (the last one was the closest,  but still not quite what I wanted). I just can't find what it might be called, so after a bit of dodgy quilt maths and planning…….I've made this 11" ish block.
And then three more…
And then PicMonkey mocked up if I made loads, well 32 more blocks….. although those four have reminded me what a mare it is to sew on the bias!
So, what do you think?
Can you name that block?
I was thinking of using my Chicopee bundle and some Kona Bone…. or maybe just carry on with some more scraps….. I fear it may actually hurt me to cut into that bundle!

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  1. oooh I love this. Use the chicopee!!

  2. No idea what it's called but it's looking fab!

  3. Loving that glasses fabric is cool - I'm the most unimaginative person when it comes to naming things like blocks, quilts or knitted items. I made a beautiful cable knit blanket from a brown flecked tweed yarn that I call the brown blanket - see I'm terrible at it naming stuff!

  4. I'm going for Fred. Yup, a block called Fred.

  5. I'm really not good with block names but I'll have a look in my block books and get back to you! I love it and think you should make a scrappy version. And a Chicopee version ;o)

  6. Love this! I like the scrappy idea. It does remind me of a Lattice fence or gate. Maybe something like garden gate?
    Just found your blog today and Cant wait to see the finnished product.

  7. I love it! It's similar to this if not just name it yourself then charge people to buy the pattern! ;)

  8. OOOoohhh yes, be brave and cut in to the Chicopee. It will look gorgeous? What colour would you use for the lattice? I love how you could rotate the blocks and create a zig-zag as well if you wanted! I'm rubbish with names, how about Squares Divided or something around that?!

  9. No idea what it is called either, but it looks good!

  10. Here's a tutorial for part of the block:


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