Thursday, 27 March 2014

21 Loops Along!

With a recent run of birthdays and the impending Mother's Day, my sewing machine has had to be cleared off the sewing kitchen table to allow for more people to be fed! They are so demanding around here, I don't know why my dad couldn't just eat off the sewing machine! Actually I do…..he's messier than a toddler!!!
But, it has meant that this week I have a fair bit of forced knitting time and so my CftC Kintalong Miss Winkle now has 21 Loops!
Although, it would be more if I hadn't spend most of Sunday evening picking up a dropped stitch about 10 rows down, with a crochet hook!!
The rows are obviously taking longer, but I love how the variegated yarn is being allowed to show the colour changes more.
And I've only gone and found another stunning shawl pattern by the same designer ( I just might have a crush on all of this woman's patterns) I think this could be my next knit. Only when I finish the ones I've got on the go, of course!

One the sewing front, I've chopped the fabric to make some letters for a birthday cushion and will hopefully drag the machine out tonight for a bit of sewing.
This week I have also been trying to make a list for Kids Clothes Week sewing projects to get me organised (don't laugh too much!), thinking of quilts that I would really love to go on my Quilty Bucket List (I've loved reading all those posts) and spending way too much time on eBay (eBay is an evil addiction, it just sucks your time up and make you think you NEED things) looking for a secondhand overlocker! One I was watching the other week went for just £50 lower than the brand new price! They go for crazy money, I'm using the idea of it being an investment to convince the husband……….. you should know it's not working!!! That and the fact I was shouting at my phone at nearly midnight when the bidding was ending and it went over my definitely top top bid. The man thinks I've finally lost it.
I think the problem here is too much time spent on list writing (and eBay) and not enough doing!


  1. I am looking for 2nd hand sergers too. The thing that kills me is that people want so much for them and I especially dislike knowing I will have to spend $90 to get it cleaned and serviced as soon as I get it!

  2. Beautiful knit! Have you checked with a sewing machine fix it shop for an serger? Here they often have ones for sale that ppl bring in and never pick up.

  3. Cheek of the people wanting to be fed! Still, the knitting is pretty...

  4. Your husband is probably right, you have lost it but rest assured you are not alone :)

  5. It's SO pretty and yes, I have a knitting crush on Martina too!

  6. Just a lovely yarn for Martina's pattern!

  7. YourvMiss Winkle is very pretty, I love watching the colours play out while knitting, it keeps a fairly plain knit interesting doesn't it? I've had very little time to knit as well....I have so much boring stuff to do at the moment, that everything else has gone out of the window. I can convince myself I need all sorts of things on eBay...dangerous perusing!


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