Monday, 10 March 2014

Economy Block Quilt ✓

You are probably sick of the sight of this quilt, but it's done!!! It's bright, scrappy
And I'm in love with it…….. each block makes me smile so much!
Can you spot the join?
I made my first block back over the New Year and 196 blocks later I have a gorgeous quilt just for me and my 4th finish off my Q1 FAL list!!
The blocks were mostly made from my scraps and although I used quite a lot of them, I think I still have enough to make another, but I won't!
I quilted it with straight lines framing the centre fussy cut blocks.
It's a good size for a single bed, but the children are not having this one, it's living on the sofa, to be snuggled by me of an evening.

The Details.

Size : 70"x70"
Fabric : Loads and loads of scraps for the blocks from my stash and the great UK fabric destash 
Binding : Sketch in charcoal and smoke

And after all that work and love that went into it, the hubby turned around and said he prefers the back…………. thank goodness I spent all that time matching the backing pieces so perfectly!!! Bloody men!

I have just two more things to finish off my list, I better get a wriggle on!
Finish Along 2014


  1. its so gorgeous - I'm glad you are keeping it for you :-)

  2. I think it's wonderful both sides- why do men always like the back better?! Actually not strictly true, mine only likes the backs when I use solids ;)

  3. Hopefully, that will be a family heirloom. It's spectacular.

  4. Congrats on your finish! Looking great!

  5. Spectacular! I don't quite agree with your husband but the back is gorgeous too!

  6. Well i think the front is absolutely gorgeous! Why do men always make the most awful back handed compliments, so you're left wondering why you even asked them their opinion in the first place!!??!

  7. fab fab fab. I'm glad you went with that back cos it rocks #amazeballs

  8. It's gorgeous! But I don't think I'll be rushing to make one, I'd less than quietly lose my mind... so I'll just pop down and nick yours ;o)

  9. It's fabulous Joanne you are right to keep this for yourself. The back is lovely but the front is spectacular !

  10. This is fantastic! The back is lovely but the front is amazing :)

  11. It is perfect!
    I made my mum a quilt for her birthday last year which she displays upside down because she likes the back best. Not cool at all.

  12. Yay! Although it looks a little on the small side to me ;-) I've only managed to make two blocks, and although I thoroughly enjoyed them the thought of making 196 would give me the heebbie jeebies

  13. It is gorgeous and you will enjoy it on the sofa!

  14. It's amazing! I love the riot of colours, and I'd probably spent ages just checking out all the fabric. I admire your patience, too - 196 blocks is a lot.


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