Friday, 7 March 2014

nearly there!

I have had my nose in a Kindle over the last few weeks and it seemed that my sewing and blogging mojo had a little rest! But, along with some very needed spring sunshine and a delivery of Aurifil it reappeared on Tuesday and gave me the kick I needed to quilt my Economy Blocks!
It was already basted and I got straight in with quilting until…….. it all went a bit Pete Tong!! I had basted it really really badly and it puckered and bunched horribly.
I confess, I did nearly pack my sewjo back away and give up, but after a lot of unpicking, a little bit of sulking and a whine (no! not the vino variety, although only because it was too early in the day!) on IG, I re-basted it on Tuesday evening with the help from a hot iron on the floor and ½ a can of starch.  
Quilting was fairly quilt and easy, lots of straight-ish lines and so now it's on to picking binding.
I don't know if to order this clown stripe in blue and completely follow the brilliant Rita of RPQ who started this whole economy craze or go for one of these. 
From the top     Sketch Charcoal
                         Scribble Blue
                         Sketch Smoke

What do you think? The hubby thinks Charcoal, not that I asked him!!
I should really use what I've got…………

I'm linking up….. a day late, but better late than never?!?
Just Sew Sue


  1. I really love your version of this quilt! Charcoal or blue. IMHO the charcoal adds a great in-your-face statement of its own to the quilt which goes with your skulls, the blue is a lovely fresh complement to the existing colours, but the sketch doesn't say anything.

  2. Hard choice. I wouldn't know what to choose either. Love your backing.

  3. I like the Smoke - it really makes the black fabrics in the top pop out! The blue is nice too, but in more of a blending-in kind of way.

  4. I really like the sketch in smoke - it's going to be a stunner!

  5. Hmmmm charcoal? Love the backing!

  6. I like the blue scribble, so I am no help at all, sorry :)

  7. Oh dear, I do like a good stripe...

  8. I like the charcoal. You need some spray baste BTW!

  9. Is the one at the top corner charcoal? I like that one the best :-)

  10. I like all of them, including the stripe!


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