Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bare with bare with!! I may have a finish to post!

I am suffering an Internet meltdown and the modem has gone on the blink!!
So I am attempting to blog from my mobile!!
WARNING:  Blog post may be worse than normal and spelling is sure to be atrocious due to fat fingers and auto correct!! 
Although I have spent hours (I kid you not) on the telephone sorting it all out, I have managed to get some sewing done. 
I introduce my Sewing Book Pouch

The pattern is by Aneela Hoey from her Etsy shop.  (google Comfort Stitching Etsy I can't do links!!!) 
I used my very precious 'Sewing is Easy' by Alexander Henry for the cover. 
And inside for the pockets I used orange fabrics from my stash!
I makes a really roomy pouch. 
As you used a really really heavy interfacing it makes the pouch sturdy enough to stand on its own, even when filled! I really love that its not at all floppy!?!
It's holding my woodland sampler at the moment and some books, but I hope to take it to FQ retreat with my needleturn appliqué supplies in!
My other make for retreat that the modem meltdown has put the kibosh on, is my Aeroplane Bag.
My last bit of supplies arrived just as the Internet withered away! So I never downloaded the pattern! Does anyone know if I download the pattern to an iPad in a wifi spot, can I transfer it to my iMac? I'm a complete techno div!! 


  1. Your sewing pouch is soooo funky! Love the cartoon cover and using stiff interfacing sounds like a great idea. Hope this comes to FQR with you!

  2. I love it, the perfect use for your AH fabric!

  3. Don't put it down at Retreat or i'll have it! Just kidding, but i do love it!

  4. I love the pouch, very handy. What with your Art Student Tote and this you are tempting me to make more and more 'just gotta have' bags for Retreat :-) Not sure about the iPad to Mac thing, I suppose you could download it to the iPad then email it to yourself...?Ack no, you've no internet, that wont work.

  5. Love your sewing pouch, and the Alexander Fabric is just perfect. Not sure on iPads (I don't have one - boo!) but I don't see why, if you have it on the iPad you couldn't copy it across - it plugs in almost like a USB doesn't it?! I guess it's whether or not you'd need iTunes, which might be tricky with no internet?!

  6. cant u print with an ipad ? my phone lets me print to my printer

  7. Love that sewing pouch and the funky comic book fabric!

  8. It's marvellous! Hope you've sorted the pattern quandary by now...

  9. Nice job! Hope you got everything printed :o)

  10. I can't find the pattern on Aneela' website. Do you know any other way to get it? I love it!


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