Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesdays mess!

I'm busy busy cutting away this afternoon!
Firstly, I've cut out the fabric for a Project Book Pouch by Aneela Hoey.
I can't believe I've cut into my stash of Alexander Henry 'Sewing is easy', but it is something for me!!
I just need the super heavy interfacing to arrive and I can get on and sew that together!

Then this morning I saw a post  from Kristy at Quiet Play asking for testers for her Lego Character blocks and I jumped at the chance!
I've printed off the pattern, picked some fabrics and am raring to go!! Can you guess which character I have?
And lastly, my name tag has arrived form my secret partner and I love it!!!!
It was made by the lovely Sara and I had spotted it on Flickr, but didn't guess it was winging it's way to me! It also doubles as a needle case!! So clever!
I can't wait to wear it to FQ retreat, only a few weeks to go now!!  I'm feeling so excited, but so nervous!!!
I've been up to the post office this morning and posted my parnters tag off, hope it gets there safely!
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  1. I can't wait to see what you make your 'Sewing is Easy' into. I know what it's like not wanting to chop such lovely fabric but it'll be even better when it's made into something funky :)

    And your name tag is way cool! Now I will be able to spot you with your lovely badge at FQR x

  2. pretty name tag! have a great time at the retreat:):)

  3. wow, i love those fabrics! your pouch will be awesome.

  4. I spotted the Alexander Henry print and was curious of what you were going to make from it. I happen to agree that Aneela's pattern would be perfect for that print. I have the same print too, thanks for the idea!

  5. I have the same problems cutting into lovely fabric, but I have resolved to stop stroking my fabric stash and start using it! Look forward to seeing what you are going to do with the Alexander Henry fabric, I love that line.

  6. Hehehe - I'm testing R2D2 too!!!! Can't wait to meet you at retreat!!

  7. Love the idea of the comic book print for a book pouch.

  8. Oh wow!!! I am loving that sewing fabric

  9. Great fabric choice for the book pouch. Nice name tame tag too!

  10. Love that comic strip fabric! And great name tag!

  11. Gorgeous fabrics and great name tag. I love how it doubles as a needle case :)


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