Friday, 14 June 2013

Telephone Tote!

Mr Postie came with my snaps and I was able to finish my Art Student Tote!!
And I bloody love it!!!!
It is mashousive, but I am a big bag kind of girl. This is it compared to my everyday bag.
I've tried little bags but I only end up taking a cotton tote or two along anyway as I can never get all my crap in them!!
It was a super super easy pattern, but as normal I did have to make a meal out of it!
I cut everything and made the pockets and straps on Monday afternoon, then on Tuesday when it came to putting the pockets on my eye was draw to the bottom pocket being an inch out of matching the main body of the bag, so decided to unpick it and faff with it until it matched!!
It only meant moving it a bit, but it took longer than I thought! But I think it was worth it in the end!
The plan is for this to be my supplies bag for FQ retreat, and I made the pocket sizes to fit certain things in.
Obviously, I will need oodles more in there for the classes, but I wanted to check the main things went in ok!
I have a feeling this bag will be used loads and I know it will be my hand luggage bag when we go away!
The pattern is a paper one by Anna Maria Horner and I got it from Pink Chalk Fabrics. There is no where in the UK that has this, believe me I searched, but their shipping for patterns is really cheap.
It is a wordy pattern and I did read it a few times through so I knew what I was doing next. I also went on a blog search and read everyones tips. The only change I made was to use medium interfacing on the body and straps instead of lightweight. I will definitely make this bag again, and if my mums reaction yesterday afternoon was anything to go by, I think the next one will be for her!
I used Melody Miller's Ruby Star Sparkle in Ring-a-ling for the body, that I got from Annie at The Village Haberdashery and the lining is Tula Pink's Lazy Stripe in Mist which was a sale bargin from there too. The straps are the sparkly Michael Miller's Mirror Ball Dots in Luna, I found these on The Little Fabric Patch from the UK and they have a few colours and very cheap postage!
I'm off to pet and stare at my new bag, now I just need a bag to carry my sewing machine, in handmade style to retreat..........
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  1. It was worth to match. It looks great!

  2. I'm not surprised you love this bag - it's fab! And worth getting the pocket to match or it might have kept annoying you. Congrats on a great finish :)

  3. Nice matching of the print. I agree that near misses really make things look shabby, so well done on your decision to unpick and make it perfect.

  4. Mahousive bags for the win and this one is just gorgeous!! Funky funky lining, too. :D

  5. Lovely, I want one!!!! Quick question......what size cutting mat have you managed to fit in there? i need a bag for FQR too. Thanks
    Sarah x

  6. Absolutely stunning!! Very envious! I always have a massive bag too!

  7. those telephones are perfect for that bag, its stunning!!

  8. A stunning bag! and everything essential fits perfectly!

  9. It's gorgeous, I lve the fabric, very cool. Deb x

  10. Love the fabrics you have used for your beautiful bag!

  11. Excellent job, I love those phones!


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