Friday, 7 June 2013

Fun Fun Rose Bunting!

I seem to be on a finishing roll! Well for small projects at least!
After sharing with you on Wednesday my R for my bunting, I got on and made the rest yesterday!
It was a really really quick project, probably helped by the fact that she only has four letters in her name!!!
The pattern I followed was Fun Fun Holiday Bunting by Jeni Baker from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays and although the pattern shows you Merry Christmas, there is a chart for all the letters in the alphabet.
My skills at sewing really small 1.5" squares is not great! But I discovered chain piecing and that really sped things up. It has also made me realise that my ¼" foot is a making my seams bigger!!
I've hung it up in her room temporally, as the man of the house is supposed to be putting up some prints for me. But, I have been waiting a year, so I won't hold my breath!!
I need to learn how to use a drill.......safely!
I think this would be a brilliant baby present and yet again proves that Pretty in Patchwork Holidays is not just a Christmas book!!
I also finished the lanyard for my FQR name tag secret swap, I went with Purple pearl bracelets, but I forgot that important?????
If not, it's all ready to send off next week!

I'm off to bake a few dozen cupcakes for a friends party tomorrow, but what I really want to be playing with is this.......
Sparkles!!! But, that will have to wait for Monday!!!! 

Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along


  1. Cute bunting, love all the pinks! My daughter's name is short and sweet too, maybe even I could pull off pieced bunting for her.

  2. I love the bunting! The name tag looks great and I can't imagine that a lack of interfacing in the lanyard is going to be that important but I've never made one so best wait for someone who has ;o)

  3. So you have 2 choices here, 1, you grab the drill and try really hard to get it right (it's not difficult) then you'll never have to wait again, or 2, grab the drill and make such a mess of the wall himself will immediately jump to it in the future when you threaten to do it again ;o)

    Anyway, the girl scores again, and love the nametag, plus, of course, your gorgeous sparkles!

  4. I can't wait to see your sparkles all finished :)

  5. You've been on a roll lately (just had a look at the past couple of post to catch up with you)! Looking forward to your Monday post, too. Love the colours and prints. :)

  6. Sweet bunting, bet your glad you didn't go with a double-barrelled first name :) Maybe if you wave a drill threateningly in front of the Man of the House, he might take the hint?


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