Thursday, 6 June 2013

Coasting along!

I really promised myself that I wouldn't blogishly commit to joining in with any more sew alongs, especially weekly ones. As it takes me a week to pick fabrics for a project, let alone finish them!!
Then I saw Lindsey's post reminding us about the Zakka Along 2.0 using Patchwork Please, a book I had! But, still I resisted as I needed another project like a hole in the head and then I saw Penny's post for the Bell Pepper Coasters and I lost all my self control!
Yes, I'm weak willed and very easily influenced by pretty fabrics and projects!!   
After a perusal of the pattern, I realised I could use scraps, therefore making this a useful project!!
Like sewing housekeeping and I dived straight into my scrap bags and produced these!
I loved that the templates for this project were actual size, therefore no trying to get to a photocopier! They were together in no time!
I used green rid-rac for the stem instead of the brown felt as I didn't have any.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be joining in with every week, but I do love each and every one of the projects in there.
Someone tell me no!!! Please!!


  1. I love this pattern too - it's a great opener to the book isn't it? Actually I think the green ric rac works better than brown felt! Great design addition x

  2. I love your ric-rac stems, they are perfect! I am holding out on this SAL, although seeing your projects is weakening that resolve :) I even have 2 copies of the book, as I ordered the first one so far in advance I forgot all about it and ordered a second one :)

  3. Your coasters are delightful. I just finished my first pepper and it was fun to make. I'm not sure I will make everything, but I'm definitely going to join in for the projects I like best.
    Linda F.

  4. Bwahahaha, sucked in ;o) I was pretty good last year about only Zakkaing along with the things I needed, or that I wanted to make as gifts, so I'm thinking I'll do the same with this one (I didn't need coasters)

  5. I'm giggling, because I'm in the same boat! Like I need another commitment...but this is a soft one. No penalties for missed weeks! Your peppers are a great start, and it's fun seeing what fabrics have come from your scrap bag. I see some favorites!


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