Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Reverse Holiday Sewing

I have been joining in with a Sew Along over on ThreadBias which is tackling a project a month from Pretty in Patchwork - Holidays.
February was the 'Holiday surprise reverse appliqué pillow' which I finally finished on Sunday.
I'm really pleased with it, it has come out just like it should have!! I was very worried about the reverse bit, even though your following a line on the back I was still concerned I'd placed it wrong. And once its cut, it's cut! But, it all worked out perfectly.
I followed a few tips from the forum, like using white squares instead of nice greens on blocks that are covered (I can't waste fabric!!). A few people felt that the flap allowance on the back was too big, so I opted for a hidden zipper from last months pillow.
I couldn't get a copy of the template, so just measure the size of my finished green block and freehanded a half tree on folded paper, so it would be symmetrical.
It has finished at 19" and the pad I've used has seen better days, so I will get a new one before it comes back out at the end of the year.
I uses lots of scraps for the squares and Moda Crossweave for the main pillow. More Christmas scraps on the backs above the zipper and the Sketch in Spring for the binding and zipper cover.
For March the project is 'Harvest vine table runner' and requires sewing curves, HELP!!
I'm thinking of making this in spring green colours to be used now and not to be saved for Christmas, but we'll see.
I'm off to plan a Mother Day present for my mum, I might tackle a clasp purse!?!

Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along


  1. Well done it looks great. I've not managed February and don't think March will happen either!

  2. Oh this is so cute! Just love it. And I love the back too. The nice thing is, when the pillow is just thrown on the couch or ends up on the floor upside down, it will look fabulous!

  3. A Christmas tree in February would certainly be a surprise :oD Well done though


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