Saturday, 16 March 2013

Reader and Curves!

I'm a little confused with all this google reader stuff, but I have decided to join up to Bloglovin and Feedly and see how it goes!
You can follow me by clicking the link below! I think!

You'll be sick of all these Bloglovin posts by lunchtime, but you need to do it to claim your blog! 

Today I am trying to sew curves!! I've read lots of tips, pins, pins, and more pins I believe? 

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh god, no, no pins! Check out this video that Leanne did last year, I used it for all my retro flowers:

    1. As ever you are blinking wonderful!! All pins removed, I read it just in time for sewing to commence!!

  2. It's interesting, all my quilty friends are going Bloglovin', but all my tech savvy friends are going Netvibes. Meanwhile, I'm still grieving. I can't believe Goggle is doing this to me! ;-)

  3. Sewing curves...way beyond me!

    I have no clue about any of the reader stuff, but will look into it wrong to not want to go with bloglovin as it offends my inner-language-perfectionist?

  4. Just followed you on bloglovin! I feel like we're all seized by a sudden madness! I'm a pinner too :)


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