Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WIP Wednesday

I have finished my Reverse Appliqué Pillow and can now move onto getting started on some new projects.

Granny Square Cushion
This is the last item on my FAL list for this quarter and I've finished can't finish the stitching yet as I've ran out of the light pink on the last square.
So, I might still make it into the cushion and then stitch the last stitches once the wool arrives!
I've been auditioning pompoms, but think I might splash out on some multi-coloured jumbo ones!?!

Mothers Day Clasp Purse
I've looked up several tutorials and have had a good read and have ordered my glue.
I cut the pieces yesterday evening and am hoping to get the sewing done on this today!
I don't know if to use the piping cord or not? Does anyone have any ideas if it's essential?

Little Apples Little Man/Lady
I'm also hoping to get started on sewing these pieces together this week. I've had them ready to go since last week or so, but other things have stalled me.
I using a pattern from Simplify by Camille Roskelley called Little Man, and it will be a Siblings Together Quilt at the end hopefully.
Well, thats what I'm tackling this week!! lets see what I can get done!

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  1. How bizarre I have almost 4 packs of Little Apples charms on my cutting mat that I'm sewing into a Siblings Together quilt - actually think I will get 2 from it.
    For you frame purse are you using any interfacing/wadding? I use a light cotton wadding and never use piping, the thickness of the fabrics are enough to keep it in the frame.

  2. Oh! The cushion is divine! How annoying that the pink ran out. I think mini pom poms make any cushion look even cuter.

    Re: the frame purse - I think the piping cord is to reduce the risk that the purse comes out of its frame. You stuff it up into the frame after the fabric & the glue with the end of a pair of scissors so that there's no way the fabric is coming back out of there. It's cheap as chips if you can bear waiting for it to arrive - U-Handbag sell it.

  3. That's a neat idea, cross stitching a granny square! I think I might even like it more than a regular granny square.

  4. The cushion will be so adorable. I can't believe you ran out of pink on the last square! Grrrr. How super annoying that must be.

    Even if it's been stalled, your Little Man quilt looks perfectly organised!

    Love the print for the purse, too. So cute and slightly old-fashioned-y. :D

  5. Love your Granny Square cushion, how frustrating to run out of thread so near the end.

    I always use piping cord in frame purses having had one come away from the frame even although I used wadding and the recommended glue!

  6. Bummer on running out of wool so close!

  7. Your cushion is looking just great - I love it. Just typical to run out of thread at the very last moment.

  8. Love your needlework! It was the rage when I was a teenager. I was at the fabric store and noticed they had a kit. I debated it and decided against it since I have so many UFOs. Sweet clasp purse. Everything is so colorful. Your banner is gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  9. What a fun cushion. So disapointing to run out of thread when you're so close.


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