Friday, 1 March 2013

Paper Block Party

Just a quick post to show the paper pieced blocks I have managed to squeeze in before the end of February.
  We have the 'You little ripper' from Kristy's  'And sew on......' BOM
Then my January and February blocks from Katy's Everything and the Kitchen Sink Sew Along
Boxes, with still to be stamped label spaces!
Hanging mugs.........I love the mugs!!!
They were great to do and I'm so relieved I'm up to date on them, Phew!
I do still have my Lucky Stars to do, but I'm still fiddling with what fabrics to use on them!
So thats it, I'm now off to scramble together my February makes into a mosaic for Fresh Sewing Day!


  1. Love your blocks Joanne, you will be a paper piecing whizz-kid soon!

  2. Yay, well done, and glad it all lined up for you in the end :o)


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