Friday, 15 March 2013

Super Stitched ✓

You know sometimes you plod away stitching at something for quite a few hours over too many months, put it down and forget about it.
Then add it to your 2013 FAL list so you have to get it done, work on it little and often, then an hour on the sewing machine to assemble a few bits (and nearly loose a finger!!) and suddenly it's finished.............. and then you squeal ....... very loudly ............ a lot!!!!
Well that happened yesterday, my Granny Square Cushions is finished and even if I do say so myself, looking flipping fantastic!!!
And it fits in with the house perfectly. It's bright, loud and very squishy!!
It's finished up 16" so is a great sofa size and is just as tactile as I wanted it to be.
It's from SuperSize Stitches by Jacqui Pearce and the pattern also appeared in CrossStitcher Magazine. It is cross stitched on 7-Count Canvas using Appleton Wool and feels really solid and not as fragile as other cross stitches I've made with thread on evenweave. I'm a massive fan of Jacqui Pearce's works and have made this and this from her patterns too!
I started this back at the end of October, but only did little bits of an evening and during the Christmas period it was completely abandoned for festive makes. It is the perfect project if you want something to make with little concentration while watching television!!
I did run out of two colours even though I bought what was recommended, but I might be a wasteful stitcher. I bought all of my supplies from this website, it is near impossible to buy Appleton Wool from anywhere else and it's a lot cheaper here than Anchor substitutes from HobbyCraft (In My Opinion!!).

I used jumbo pompoms that I had got from Spain as the trim. They are so cheap there, as they use pompom trim on all their costumes at Feria time. I send my mum with a list to the tiny tiny craft shop every time she goes away. Thats one way to help her improve her Spanish!
Although it was sewing the cushion together with the zipper foot to negotiate those damn pompoms that nearly lost me my finger, next time I mention pompoms and a cushions please feel free to shout at me!!
And then Sketch on the back, Lipstick flannel and Pool in regular quilting cotton with a covered zip.
So that the last item from this quarters 2013 FAL list, time for me to start thinking about what I've got hidden away to start the next list!!!
And I'm linking this project up to

she can quilt     Heart of Charnwood 


  1. Congratulations, that is fabulous, and you are definitely in!

  2. Oh wow, it's really beautiful, well done!

  3. Squeal! It's just perfect with those pompoms!

  4. Love, love, love it Joanne! Will definitely have to check out that book too.

  5. Wonderful, love the colours, the backing and the fabulous pom-poms!

  6. It is really, really beautiful! I love how you've done the back, and the pompoms.

  7. That is fantastic! I love how you have made this, amazing!

  8. Just seen this and it's fabulous! The book looks great.


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