Friday, 14 December 2012

Ruby Star Wrap Along - Fancy Fabric Envelope!

Blimey, it's week 6 of the Ruby Star Wrap Along and I think next week is the last week!!
I have really enjoyed making things from the book and there is still loads in there that I want to try.
This week I made the Fancy Fabric Envelope and they are genius!!
They were so simple to make and yet again I just love how the book lets you make something in a size you need! So the instructions show you how to work out the fabric required to get the finished size you want!!
These are to give some Amazon gift cards in, so I made them to finish at 5'x7".
The Cherry Christmas one is for my Goddaughter, so I embroidered her name on it and the Joy! one is for my friends son. I haven't put his name on his one, as boy's don't tend to keep things and reuse them (in my opinion!!) and I thought if I don't put his name on it, his mum can reuse it herself! ha!
I'm going to pop a tag through the buttonhole of his.
Talking of buttonholes, I still can't get on with them, you can see it gaping open above the card! I don't know if it's my basic machine or just me, they always seem to look so untidy,  but I saw some gorgeous snappers on IG last night so I will order some for future envelopes!
I off to tackle an enormous list of things I must do, but don't want to!!
As every I am linking up with Sukie and her fantastic Ruby Star Wrap Along....

                                                               Ruby Star Wrap-Along


  1. Those are very cute!! I have been tempted to buy the book - your envelopes have convinced me :)

  2. These are really lovely Joanne, I would never have thought of buying this book but I could be tempted now!

  3. They are totally brilliant.
    I was hoping that Santa had this book on his list for me, but now I completely utterly need it NOW!
    Gorgeous xxxxx

  4. They look great, I need to work out what projects from the book I need to employ in time for the big day...

  5. Wow fab idea, I must add these to my list of things to make for next year. I am out of time or this year! x

  6. These envelopes are so funky! I had seen the MM book but wondered what on earth it could be apart from using fabric as wrapping paper. What an excellent pattern!

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