Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A posse or a clutch perhaps?!?

I'm not sure what the collective noun is for a group of zipper pouches? Any ideas?
Or how about blinking brilliant and amazingly quick?! Because that what this pattern was!
It's the Wide Open Zippered Pouch by Anna @Noodlehead. I know I'm a bit late finding this pattern, but I can't believe I faffed around with joining the outer and lining fabric separately before! Why didn't I listen to the raving about this pattern!!
These were all made yesterday evening while my husband watched the football!
The Moustache one is for my brother-in-law.
I didn't box the bottom of this, because I'm popping some CD's into it. The fabric is "Where's my 'Stache" by Alexander Henry and the lining is Weave in Coal from Summerville by Lu Summers. I bought both from Eternal Maker but they seen to have sold out!

The boxed ones are for a few girlfriends and I'm planning on popping a few emergency Christmas supplies in them, like some chocolates, a note saying count to 10!! and maybe a miniature bottle of wine!
I have made these in some favourite fabrics from my stash that I have been hoarding, but must start using!

I used firm interfacing (Vlieseline h250) , as the pattern asked for Pellon 101SF and it has worked well, but the spotty Nicey Jane pouch isn't looking perfect! It's like the interfacing is creased! Has anyone had any trouble like this? Or should I have used a lighter interfacing or a thin wadding or have I not applied it properly? Any help or advice gratefully received!
I'm hoping I get a chance to make myself a large one for my knitting, as it would just be perfect it fit everything in.
The big day is fast approaching and I am far from ready. But I hope to be on top of all the present buying and making by tomorrow and whats not got can stay forgotten!
I hope your preparations are going smoothly!


  1. They look gorgeous, well done.
    I made my first one last night! But mine was pieced from scraps so I quilted it with wadding before turning it into a pouch. I'd not thought about what interfacing I might use, but my favourite of late is some cotton iron-on from my local sewing machine shop, no brand label but it works great. I've just been out to buy a load of zips to make more!

  2. They look great! To be honest these days I tend to use woven interfacing which flexes with the fabric rather than the synthetic stuff that crinkles (although I can't really see the problem in the photos, I'm assuming, since I've had that problem before)

  3. Can't see the problem either Joanne, but I use the woven interfacing too and it seems to work fine. I must check out that pattern too, so you are not the only one late to the party!


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