Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - The year I embraced sewing...

and became addicted to fabric!!!
I started 2012 by being a bought a sewing machine by my mum and dad and I resolved to sew as much as I could and to feel confident when using it.
One of my main aims was to learn to sew a quilt, and I think I may have just done that!
One mini, three single bed and one full twin size quilts. All in one year!!  I know the Spinning Stars is only a quilt top and is not yet quilted but I'm still pleased to have completed that part!
I also tried to fit in some other projects.

1. Cath Kidston bag, 2. Socks on, 3. Zakka Style pin cushion, 4. Zakka Style sewing kit, 5. My Swoon cushion, 6. Purple Swoon Cushion, 7. Sailing clutch bag, 8. Hexagon pouch inside, 9. Handmade with love Cross Stitch, 10. Kerry's tea cosy, 11. Finished passport holder, 12. All finished and the missing passport arrived!!!, 13. Monthly Make cardi, 14. Kerry's tea cosy, 15. Edie's Flower Jumper, 16. Tote bag, 17. Music Box Jumper, 18. Elephant Softie, 19. Festive Money Pocket, 20. Christmas Tree Skirt, 21. Simple Drawstring Bag, 22. Simple Drawstring Bag, 23. Pouches for presents, 24. Fabric envelope personalised, 25. Fabric Envelope, 26. Shirt bag, 27. HoHoHo Cushion, 28. p Cheeky Christmas apron, 29. p Birds and Bees pouch, 30. pot holders, 31. pot holders, 32. honey cowl, 33. honey cowl, 34. Chinese Takeout Boxes, 35. MillaMIa Gustav Hat, 36. Jacqui P Stamp

I'm amazed and quite pleased it's not all just fabric. A bit of knitting, some cross stitch, a first dress and a hell of a lot of learning!! I've made quite a lot of Christmassy things and am so so proud that my tree skirt won the Sew Seasonal prize, picked by Kate Spain (Yes! I am still going on about it!!). I received my winnings from Intrepid Threads yesterday, I'll share a photo of them as soon as I stop stroking them!!
I've loved joining in with all the sew alongs over the year and hope to join a few more next year. I am hoping to tackle hand quilting and try some more clothing, both for the little people and maybe for me! I have also got an awful lot of unfinished projects that I really need to tackle.

But, for now I'm off to eat more chocolate, decorate a cake and sing happy birthday to my youngest, who turns two today!!! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.
She was far too busy with presents to smile! 
Happy Birthday Pickle xxxx

See you next year xx


  1. Hello there
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, pleased to meet you. I amazed at all your beautiful makes over 2012, wow! Wishing you and your family a very blessed and light filled 2013 xox Penelope
    ps. Happy birthday to your little lovely girl x

  2. What a wonderful year, I had no idea you only started sewing this year! You have been so productive, well done. I look forward to following you in 2013 and seeing the Spinning Stars finished! Hope your daughter has had a wonderful day. xx

  3. Honestly, I know I've said it before, but then I do think you should revel in your cleverness, I remember watching you taking on the quilt for the charity and doing the different blocks for the sew-a-long. It's so impressive you've achieved making such lovely stuff in just a year.

    I am totally jealous of your ho,ho,ho cushion and feeling very sore that while I was unpacking boxes (still more to go) I missed your lovely giveaway, I demand I have to wait for your 200th post, if so, put your sewing machine away and do some more blogging ;-)

    All jesting aside, hope that 2013 is even more creative than 2012 and you andyours have a happy and healthy new year.x

  4. Ps happy birthday to your little lady!

  5. Yup, definitely think you embraced it :oD

    Happy birthday to the wee one, and happy new year to you all!

  6. Safe to say you did more than embrace sewing, you really cracked it! Will enjoy seeing what you do in 2013.


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