Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Easter monthly make

As you may be aware, I pledged over at The Felt Fairy's to make something (anything!) every month in 2012. My aim was to try something new that would help me to learn a new woolish or fabric skill.

Last week I was inspired by a tutorial I saw at i have to say, Randi has been sharing a tutorial each month for a sew a long and March's was for a zippered pouch. I have put zips into cushions before, but it was always more by luck than knowledge that they worked and this tutorial was to make it a lined pouch as well.
I had recently bought some linen blend fabric and had some springish fabric that I had spare. The tutorial was very easy to follow and gave 4 different variations for the final look. I decided to add a bottom to my pouches and here they are.

The one at the front was the first one and I made a fair few mistakes, but I had rushed it and decided to use it a lesson!! It's very wonky (my cutting) and the wrist strap is too long(I forgot to try it out and cut to size). But the second one at the back, I took my time and it turned out perfectly.
The tree fabric is Cut out and Keep by Heather Moore for Cloud 9 and the spot is Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit. The lining is a tonal lemon that I found in the off cut basket at the fabric shop.

I hope to use these for adult Easter gifts with some chocolate eggs hidden in them. That way, after Easter is over and the chocolate is gone, they still have a small bag for makeup or stuff to keep and use.

My other make for March was my mother's day cushion

 which you can read all about here.

Oh, and I've joined twitter!! I'm still getting used to it and don't tweet too much, but it's a great way of seeing what people are working on. You can use the bar on the side to see me or I'm @RoseDahlia1

I'm off to enjoy the unseasonal sun, and tidy the garden! Toodle pip xx


  1. Lovely little zipped bags, what a nice idea, they look very professional. My zip sewing is very slap dash, I've made some pencil cases but like you before it has been luck more than anything that it has worked so I must take a look at the tute.

    Enjoy your sunshine!

  2. I really want to sew as nice and neat as you do, I'm so jealous!!!! I like the colors, they look a bit similar to my blanket :-).

  3. Wow, you are a bit harsh on yourself! They look lovely!


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