Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday's Tallies....nearly there!

It's the school Easter holidays here and although we had lots of fun things planned the only place we have been so far is to the doctors!! I had put it all down to teething, as I knew Rose had two molars trying to break through. But after a weekend of no sleep for me and The Husband and a very high temperature for Miss Rose we were at the doctors first thing yesterday morning. The diagnosis is tonsillitis for my poor little pickle and I have to say that she has now developed a voice not dissimilar to a heavy chain smoking old lady!! Our hope is that she will be on the mend by Friday as we've got a day out booked!
Now on to my hexagon progress, I have got all 14 joined up to the blanket and now at the grand total of 
236 colourful hexagon goodness. 

I was hoping as the boys are off from school that they could help me to show the blanket. 
But they couldn't hold it up high enough, so off to the kitchen to stand on the tall sofa.
But we had a Calpol fueled attacker who need to be distracted. 
You can see I'm addicted to Instagram!!!
Eventually, to the yells of Quick mum! we got a wonky photo and then I snuck upstairs to get a uninterrupted photo. 
I know I said I'd hope to be on the border by now......but I think just one more row of hexagons should do it!! I'm so worried that once I start the border I will wish I'd made it just a bit bigger.

I had some wonderful comments last week and some people asked about the border I'm planning on doing. I have had a good look around the Ravelry project page and there were so many different ways people had finished theirs, but as this pattern is from Lucy at Attic 24 I'm going to finish mine the same as she did here. Which is with a row of double crochet and a row of shell edging. She used two colours and I think I will also, although I'm not too sure of which two. It can't be the yellow or darker blue as both of those are discontinued and I need to be able to buy as many as it takes. Any suggestions are gratefully received. 
I know that Carole has not blogged for the One a Day group for a while but I have to keep posting on a Tuesday if I want this blanket to be finished and I'm soooo close. If I didn't have Tuesday's tallies in the back of my mind I would go off and start another project and this would be a forever wip!!! There are other projects on the One a Day group on  Ravelry here
I'm off for a nice tea and chocolate digestive or two!! Toodle pip xx


  1. Your blanket is amazing and I look forward to seeing your border. I know bunny mummy has done a hexagon blanket in the past but cannot recall If she did a border for it.

  2. aahh bless her hope your little girl feels better soon. Your blanket is looking amazing i love the colours. dee x

  3. Lovely colors!!!!

  4. It's looking amazing, you've done such a great job with the Tuesday Tallies, I'm so impressed. Mine has gone by the wayside but I think it's about time I picked it up again.

  5. Lovely pictures and blanket (but I think you know by now how much I love it, still, I can't get enough of it). For the border I would go for the lighter blue and pink or orange. ......mmmmm, tough cookie.

  6. Its been such a long time coming but its going to be so worth it!!!! The colours look amazing! Jxx

  7. Oh wow it's looking lovely your so near to be finished. Love the little acttacker we have one of those too looks about the same age and she also loves to attack all things yarny. xx

  8. Saw this on Facebook. What a lovely afghan. All that work and yarn decisions looks well worth it!


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