Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A birthday, a hexagon update and a few wip!!

WARNING: this post is photo heavy and is written by someone who can't count!!

It's been a busy few days here, our eldest was 10 yesterday!!! I can't believe that 10 years have vanished and he has gone from

to this at 5
to being 10!!!!

And he only has one more year at primary and then he will be off to BIG school! Arrghhhhh.......

He enjoyed his presents and there was two little helpers incase he need any extra help.

He will be having a few school friend home after school on Friday, he's too big for a party now!

I have been plodding away on my hexagons this week and have gotten the 14 finished and added to the blanket. This brings my grand total to.......... hang on a minute.......after a recount I have realised that somewhere over the last two weeks I have miss counted and have now made 15 rows of 14 hexagons equalling
  210 colourful hexagons!! 
(I think I should go back and check if I got my sons age right! haha)

I have gotten two other projects started over the last few days. The first is a cross stitch cushion that I bought the materials pack for ages ago (November 2011) and never got around to starting.

Whistle while you work cushion
It's from the September issue (Issue 243) of CrossStitcher and is called 'Handmade with love' and was designed by Jacqui Pearce.

The other project is a present for my mum for Mother's Day. I used the Woven Block tutorial from SewHappyGeek and have added a border and am making it into a cushion.

Here the top is all ready to be quilted. I am also using this as a cheeky way to see if the quilting I have picked will suit the block!! I am hoping to add some embroidery to the back. 

I'm off to see if any of my children can give me any tips on keeping count!! and to crack on with my mums present as I only have a few days to get it finished. Toodle pip xxx


  1. Happy birthday for you son what cute pictures ;-) Loving your hexagons that is gorgeous and so will your mums cushion be ;-) dee x

  2. Gorgeous photos of your son, Happy Birthday to him!
    Love your hexies, they look amazing!!

  3. If it's more han your fingers and toes added together then maybe you should invest in an abacus?

    Love the block, what nifty pattern and pretty colours.

    Happy birthday to your big boy, my oldest is nine in a couple of weeks, the party debate rages on!

  4. Happy Birthday to your big boy! Wish my oldest was only 10. :-( LOL The blanket looks fabulous and I love the little cross stitch bird too. I also pulled out one of my unfinished cross stitch projects one day this week. I had forgotten about it till I saw yours. I have about six unfinished ones on the go that have been sorely neglected.


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